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Do you have a website?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) January 20th, 2009

An actual website, that you made. Not a Myspace or Facebook. Yes, blogs count. If you have one add a link so we can check you out…. or the website I mean….

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i’m at but i haven’t really maintained it in a while.. it’s a fun hobby.. but takes a lot of work. Where’s yours?

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I made this monster that is pretty much dead. It was just wordpress and a theme. Never buy a domain name when you are drunk.

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I did, then some fucker in Thailand stole it when the domain expired for one hour.


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Yes. Two, actually. And I own six or seven domain names. But posting them is not particularly good for anonymity.

@asmonet, I had my original domain name stolen, too. Made me furious. I think brokers can set them up for auto-pounce. I wasn’t going to pay the ransom, but I tried to inquire anyway and couldn’t even get them to answer me, so what was the point?

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@asmonet: Yeah, it would cost me about a thousand dollars (on the low end) to get mine back. And what’s worse is mine was my name. Which is…very unique. So I can’t just misspell it and it’s too short to shorten any further. So, occasionally I look up the WHOIS registry address attached to the site now and stare at his shitty little farm in anger from google earth.

I think I need therapy.

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I love the illustrations Dave.

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Thanks, man. :)

@asmonet: @jeruba: You could sue to get it back if it was a domain in active use by you and they’re just squatting on it now. And yiu’d win… and they’d pay attorney’s fees. Just a thought.

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@PupnTaco: How? I mean the dude is in Thailand and he stole it a few years ago and it blows.

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Oh and he signed it up for, they are also bastards by association.

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I don’t know the details, but one of my best friends is an intellectual property lawyer, he does this all the time.

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Hmm, I’m interested. I mean, I got this domain when I was a teenager and I was really attached to it, do you know if there would be any fees up front?

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no idea. I’d ask him but he’s going in for surgery in the morning. See what the google says!

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Oh, if I must! thanks, Dave. :)

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I just created mine.
It’s probably blank, but soon should have tons of fun stuff soon.

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Yes, it’s kind of expected for my job. I usually have no problem giving out the link but there are just too many teenage boys on Fluther who don’t seem to like their teachers.

Did you see how I got ageist and sexist all in one short post?

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I’m in the middle of updating mine – so the “print” and “web” pages are blank at the moment. But you can check out my photography.

Here ya go

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I have a personal website with the wonderful domain name of myrealname dot com. I have a shits-and-giggles website with a funny domain name involving an animal. Then I have lots of other websites I’ve created for my clients. For anonymity’s sake I don’t give out links.

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Yep, I do. Here it is. That website tells you about my other website, too.

@PupnTaco: I’ve spent a good chunk of time looking at your work before, you rock :)

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@cprevite nice work, I like the sunflower.

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@richardhenry Love the idea of “Cursebird”.

@PupnTaco I’ve also perused your work previously. Very nice stuff. Love the illustrations. I think “Mint Julep” is my favorite.

@jonsblond Thanks a heap. I work near a giant field of them. They’re fun to shoot.

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Yup, several. Don’t think unkindly of me if I don’t share links. Let’s just say that I love Joomla!

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”...and stare at his shitty little farm in anger from google earth.”

Ha! You oughtta drop a pin on it with a note.

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Here is my blog that I designed, and I actually keep it fairly updated :D (well that’s a big deal for me ;) )

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@designfire I love the look of your blog. Very well done.

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@cprevite Thanks so much :D

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I still need to buy a domain name, but this is my blog

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Quite out of date College Portfolio
New shiny blog that needs some more posts.

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@richardhenry – this made me laugh – pic

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@benseven Lulz. Tweet link. I enjoy reading people talking about Cursebird. Someone mentions it every few minutes. Twitter is crazy.

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I think I have 11 websites :P I’ve lost track

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Mine is which runs my own software. But it’s quite empty right now because the server needs to be upgraded, which won’t happen before Debian releases a new version, which was supposed to happen last September but still hasn’t :(

Yep, I’m frustrated.

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My new design blog is type and glyph

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@o0 – Great looking blog with excellent content. I shall be sure to subscribe later on!

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@benseven Thank you, I will update it often with new content.

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@controlledchaos – Welcome to Fluther! Nice blog, nice content. I have one comment though. Your tabs render in a nasty capitalised serif typeface – clashes with the nice heavy sans-serif used throughout?

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@controlledchaos @benseven It looks okay to me, but I have Lucida Sans on my system. Just been taking a look at your stylesheet, and the theme designer seems to have made a bit of a boo boo. Easy fix though. In this section:

#menu ul li {
line-height: 30px;
display: inline;
font-weight: bold;
text-transform: uppercase;
font-family: “Lucida Sans”;


font-family: “Lucida Sans”;


font-family: “Lucida Sans”, Lucida, Verdana, sans-serif;

And you’ll get a close match cross-browsers. Hope this helps.

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Just redid my blog

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@benseven – Followed by a snap of the fingers and a “chyeah”.

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wow. earthlink still hosts stuff. wow.

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They do link the Earth, Rob.

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lol4rl, burn, rob. burn.

TheFonz_is's avatar bought yesterday! not quite live yet though should be over the weekend..

rrmkdynuupye's avatar is the site I’m working on. it’s not my own but when I finish this one my own site will probably look very similiar

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My temporary portfolio I made to apply for a job, not a lot in it right now but thats how it goes. just finished it yesterday.

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SpunChops – Please check it out.

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I have two actually.

Sapid Existence is where I have my photography. I sell stuff from there too. Use the coupon code DE6172 to get 20% off your order.

Juggle Chainsaws is where I’m chronicling my adventure to play every NES game released in the United States.

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I do change urls every once in a while, my current one is: There is a feedback page for you to send your suggestions. The website is just a collection of my creative output.

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