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Pro-boxxy or anti-boxxy?

Asked by methymudkip (44points) January 22nd, 2009

or never heard of her?

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Never heard of her. Is she a pop tart?

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no, the new big ‘meme’ on the internet. she even made it into the newspaper over here this morning.

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Holy sh*t. That is the most annoying girl I’ve ever heard.

Once again, 4chan /b/ releases a monster upon the world.

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aw..she’s adorable!

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adorable’ ... ... :| :|

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Wow, but this meme needs to die already.

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I don’t follow internet memes.

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If I gave birth to that, I’d throw it in a river.

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I am pro Boxxy all the way. A good explanation can be found here: why Boxxy is loved

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