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If everyone Firing? is anyone Hiring?...

Asked by windex (2926points) January 26th, 2009

What industry is looking good right now? (me wants to get a 2nd job, possibly a 3rd) nightshift and/or weekends.


Awesomeness +10
Computer +10
Social skills N/A
Art +5
Programming -1

Thanks! I know this is turning out to be a multi part question, but Monster or jobing anyone? and/or any luck with “work from home” stuff?


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I’m curious to see the responses to this, I’m in the same boat, and it seems the only places hiring in my area involve fast food (booooooring). :P

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According to CNN, health care and education are hiring.

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Guys who are providing better insulation are doing a booming business because people are scared of the price of heating oil/gas/electricity. Booming. There are services that
people turn to in hard times that they’re casual about when things are lax.

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The Census! The 2010 Census is hiring. Short term and not the most intellectually stimulating, but for a second or third job, the pay level is right.

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may not be exactly what you might think of as a “job” more of a hobby that you might be able to make some money doing. depending on where you live, you could always start up a small market garden. good economy or not, people need to eat, and if money is a problem for ya, then growing your own food can save you some duckets. theres tons of ways to grow food year round. just an idea. good luck!

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I heard on NPR’s Planet Money last week that there are lots of jobs in North Dakota that are unfilled at the moment. So, if you think you could live in North Dakota, you could probably find work.

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The health care field. Every thing from nurses in hospital to assistants in nursing homes.

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I highly recommend you take on a trade or skill that you can make your own income with. There is no security in the job market nowadays, so when you can be fired with little or no notice (depending on local laws), why bother working hard for others when you can work hard for yourself and never be fired? Tell us your hobbies and we’ll see if we can think of a good avenue for self-employment.

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What’s the +10 in the computer category denote? If you can learn a little bit of programming, lots of people are looking for iPhone developers. Freelance.

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Well my unemployment office is hiring.
Also in recessions makeup companies always do well.

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@susanc I don’t know where you’re located at in the country, but insulation is certainly not a booming business right now where I live. My fiancee is, rather was, in the insulation business and was laid off two days before the new year. The company he worked for went from having 5–6 insulation teams (usually 2–3 guys per team) in the summer to 1–2 guys working right now (and this is a BIG insulation business which does jobs all over the state). Not that I mind him not working in insulation anymore, as it is a job which is extremely hazardous to your health.

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critter—makeup companies?? as in the make-up that women put on their faces? It sure didn’t seem like they were doing a big business at the mall the other day…

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@La_chica_gomela – I don’t know how accurate this is, but a friend of mine who works at Sephora told me that makeup companies do well in recessions because women who like to shop don’t have the money to buy big things, but they can satisfy their shopping urges by popping into Sephora and buying a new lipstick without breaking the bank. I have no idea how true that is, but it does kind of make sense…

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interesting. i’m exactly the opposite. when i’m low on cash, i save up my money and refrain from buying lipsticks and other small things i don’t really need, so i can buy one or two big things that i really want.

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Me too, but I’m not really an avid shopper to start out with. I’d always rather buy the one or two things I really want, and spend the rest of the time sitting in a coffee shop sipping a mocha – which I can buy six of for the cost of that Sephora lipstick… ;)

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@sdeutsch: Your exactly right, at least from what I’ve heard. Make up companies do well because it’s something women who love to shop can splurge on without spending a lot of money.

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Provided by
and Yahoo news:
Wallmart stores: hiring thousands
Hewlet Packard, Palo Alto CA: 150 openings
Bank of America: over a thousand openings
State Farm Insurance companies: hiring hundreds
Well Point Health Services: over a thousand openings
Boeing, Chicago, IL: over two thousand openings
Met Life: hiring over one thousand
UPS: over 3,000 openings
Medco Health solutions: hundreds of openings country wide
Lowe’s: Hiring thousands of people
Home Depot: Hiring thousands nationwide

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I work for a small foundry and we are looking for a few people to handle our increasing workload. Even manufacturing is coming back, at least in some areas.

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Where do you want to live? SD has over 10000 unfilled openings ranging from labor to technical to professional.

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