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Has The Biggest Loser TV show inspired you to lose weight?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) January 28th, 2009 from iPhone

We follow the program since we found it, and we love it! My husband and I got inspired, he lost 40 pounds, I lost only 20 then I got pregnant, but I’m planning on getting back with the exercise and diet as soon as I can when my baby girl is born, how about you?

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I’ve never watched it. But my workplace is holding a “biggest loser” contest – participants put money into a kitty and the one who loses the largest percentage of body weight gets the pot. It’s at $600 currently.

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Yup! I joined a contest at a local gym in December. It is a 3 month deal. Whoever loses the most (percentage) weight wins a trip. I have 12 people on my team. I have lost 15.5 pounds in six weeks and am in the best shape I have been in since – maybe forever! The trainer kicks our butts two times a week and even though I get scared when I get to the gym, after the hour workout I feel so awesome! My goal is 30 lb. total. I won’t win the trip, but that’s okay.

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Yes! Some girlfriends and I started a Biggest Loser-style competition to prepare for our annual summer vacation.
I know the contestants on the show are given trainers, don’t have jobs, work out constantly, etc… but I gotta believe if they can lose 100 pounds over the course of the show, I can lose 15 by summer!

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No, my beer belly does that for me!

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Just as an update and to toot my own horn here – I lost 30 lb. in 12 weeks. The final weigh-in was Saturday and I was so SOOO happy to see that on the scale.

I feel so great and am going to continue to maybe lose 15 or 20 more. I am eating so much more healthy and read every label now.

So, yeah, it definitely inspired me and I had to go buy a new pair of jeans – down two sizes from 12 weeks ago. Haven’t worn that size for almost 15 years.

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