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How can the iPhone version of Fluther be improved?

Asked by Maverick (2463points) February 1st, 2009 from iPhone

I must admit that I almost have never accessed Fluther from my computer. However, a couple things really bother me about the iPhone version;
– You can’t “stop following all” in the “questions for you” section. Ideally some way to batch edit the list would be best, but going through them one by one when there are hundreds is not going to happen.
– when reading a question, I find the font quite small and the formatting quite wasteful. The column on the left only shows the icon?! We only have 240 pixels, use them wisely. ;) Also, I think that a control to make the font bigger or smaller would be helpful.
– rotating the phone into landscape mode should give you more viewing area across the page, not merely expanding the portrait view to take up the new, larger width (which is oddly too big).

Anyone else have any pet peeves? Recommendations?

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There are no witty Fluther welcome quips (e.g. “Your hair looks great today”)

The Logout link is too close to the x New Alert link. Fat fingers, such as mine, have logged out repeatedly by mistake.

And I agree with you on the landscape mode. Seems pointless.

Other than that, I like it.

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I think it would be great to be able to change your avatar with something in your photo library. I’ve logged on from my actual computer once or twice, and I could see a list of related questions on the right.

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@elijahsuicide Ooh, I like that. Agreed on changing your avatar from your photo library.

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I would like a pop-up asking if you want to give lurve or make it so you have to tap it twice. I’ve given GAs far too many times by accident.

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I second logout

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@AstroChuck oh yeah I forgot about that. When I’m scrolling sometimes I accidentally hit good answer. I just try to scroll more on the edge of the screen.

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I agree with the log out thing.

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Am I crazy or did something just change when marking a good answer?! Now when I hit GA I get sent back to the top of the page and have to scroll all the way back down to where I left off.

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@elijahsuicide : the avatar thing is a limitation of mobile Safari, Javascript, and the OS on the iPhone. The browser simply cannot access files stored on the iPhone with Javascript. This is a good thing.

Imagine if it could grab a list of your contacts…

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@johnpowell so is it bad that I can change my avatar on other sites? Should I not do that?

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I sure would like the fluther welcome quips. I, too, fluther mostly from iPhone, only rarely by PC, and I love those quips:)

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