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Things like this are a scam...right?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3079points) February 2nd, 2009

I was browsing the craigslist job classifieds and this was one of them. There’s pretty much no way this is completely legit, right?

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I think this is legit actually. Although, I’m pretty skeptical about the claim that they pay $12–50 an hour. I would say $10–12 is more accurate. We have some clients who we’ve hired full time bloggers for, but we’ve done it on an individual basis, not through a place like this.

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They don’t seem to be asking for money which is usually the big red flag.
I would agree that this is probably legit, though I doubt if anyone is making near the high end of their range. Plus you will be in a pool with a lot of other people, so the jobs may not be as plenty as they claim.

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There are many fake job posting out there now. There’s one on my career service website by Shell Petroleum that hires all professions from engineers to doctors ! How fake can that be. I nearly got cheated myself.

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Basically: every work at home job on Craigslist is sketchy, if not a scam. Otherwise there would be no work-at-home jobs as they’d all be taken! Oftentimes the “job” consists of instructions on how to post work-at-home job offers! Yes I’m serious, you pay to be able to trick other people just as you were tricked.

The site you linked shows its true colors when you read their terms of service. Look at #7 – fees and pricing. You pay a monthly fee of almost $50 (maybe with tax it could be even more) in order to find these “opportunities” to be paid $25 per article (never ever trust the maximum, you’ll be lucky to get the minimum at best). You’d have to do two articles just to break even! It also shows its sketchiness when you go to leave the page, and it pops something up and asks you to stay and find more information about a special offer! One and one doesn’t add up here. If the job is really that awesome, why would they need to convince you to stay? The simple answer here is that the job is not that awesome at all. So technically the site is legit, but it’s clearly meant to get you to sign up for $50 a month and probably doesn’t offer even the two jobs you need to break even, let alone enough to seriously make money.

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Good digging.

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yup, it’s a scam alright

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Thanks, everyone.

Do any of you all know of a LEGITIMATE type of online way to make income through writing?

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Not in today’s economy, no. Blogs are folding up left and right, and the web ad market is drying up quickly. You could always make a blog about something you’re passionate about, gather readers, then make a book compilation and sell that – it’s pretty low risk and low cost. But there’s no real guarantee it’ll work. And there may be some menial proofwork or other data work that pays a few dollars at best, though I’m not sure where these sites are, or how different they are now that there’s more competition.

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