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Would it it be ethical for a radiology practice to sponsor snowboarding?

Asked by Grisson (4631points) February 4th, 2009

Or would that be too much like a glass company giving free baseballs and bats to kids.

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I think it would be ethical and rather humorous.

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In either case, why is it not OK? It is humorous (or perhaps humerus).

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@Marina- Funny!

Many events are sponsored by alcohol companies- perhaps that could be debatable
as unethical regarding a sport that gears toward minors.

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@Marina to clarify: I was thinking it would be profiting from the misery of others, and that helping to promote that misery might not be ethical. At any rate, that’s the question.

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The sponsor is not increasing the activity. The activity will take place regardless of
who is on the sponsor list. Just because the company heals injuries does not mean
that they are drumming up business. As a side note- perhaps they can educate toward injury prevention.

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@Grisson I think it would be fine unless the it was called the “Go Out and break Something Regional Snow Board Jam”.

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Arrghhh, sorry about the typo. Not it, event.

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@Marina Good! That gives me a chance to give you double lurve for the great event name.

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That cracked me up! Did that really happen???

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@loser No, but I suggested it. :o)

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@loser Nice unintentional pun!

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Radiology groups and cancer drug companies sponsor breast cancer runs (Run for the Cure) types of events. I don’t see it to be a big deal as long as the cause is good and brought to light to work for a cure.

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