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Favorite RSS feed and/or blog?

Asked by Snoopy (5798points) February 5th, 2009

I realize this has been asked before, but there are always new (and newly popular) sites and new people to Fluther.

Some of my favorites:

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I usually get all my internet reading simply from digg and such.

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i use google reader (used to use vienna on my mac, but wanted portability). works great.

i read Lifehacker, Gizmodo, the foggy monocle, CNN, CakeWrecks, 3Hive, Phillyist, Gothamist, Chicagoist, MetBlogs NYC, Chicago, Orlando and Philadelphia, Cult of Mac, Digital Inspirations, Bitten, Slashfoods,Nibblous, Starbucks Gossip, the Bygone Bureau, World of Apple, Michael Ian Black, Erin Cooks, English Russia, Gridskipper, amonst some other, personalized feeds (for TV shows, twitters, etc.)

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Here’s some good variety/entertainment blogs: [everything] [fashion, celebrity, sex, and feminism]

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Thanks so much for the answers!


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@Snoopy – ditto that Snoop

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Leo Laporte and Channel Frederated

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@Vincentt obviously?

Thanks to all who have answered….I intend to sit down this weekend and look through all of them…..


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I was listening to NPR today and heard about two more that sound interesting: international news non profit, news

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I’m a nerd and like cooking blogs.

I also keep up to date on what Neil Gaiman is doing, in case I missed a book or something.

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