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Is there any way to get a package back from the Post Office once you have placed it in a mail box?

Asked by mirifique (1540points) February 12th, 2009

This is a hypothetical. I’ve just always wondered.

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Camouflage yourself as a bush outside of the recipient’s home or work place.
Intercept said package right after it gets delivered.

Hmmm…I wonder if it still counts as a felony if you were the original sender?

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No. Not legally.

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@Nimis only if you were sending pot

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This seems like a job for AstroChuck!
cue dramatic music

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On a more serious note, I’ve actually camped out by a mailbox before.
Waited for the mailman to show up so that I could ask for my letter back.

He gave me a mock hard time at first, but gave me my letter back.
Not sure if that is their policy though. I must have just looked really pitiful.

But if it’s already been processed, I highly doubt you could get it back.

PS If they don’t wander in of their own accord,
try PMing Astrochuck (works for USPS)
or Galileogirl (her dad used to work for USPS).

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@Nimis Seriously? What was the letter/who was it addressed to?

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@Nimis I was wondering if you could do that. Looks like you did.

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@peedub Heh. You know.
One of those letters that are helpful to write,
but you’re not actually supposed to mail them?
Except I was a moron and dropped it in the box.

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Gotcha. I think you’re supposed to burn or flush them.

How many days did you check? I might need to do this someday.

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@Nimis – OH, NO! I’ve sent one of those. I meant every word, though I also felt I shouldn’t have sent it. OTOH, that person has left me alone since then. So who knows? Maybe you were “supposed” to send it.

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@peedub Hahaha…yes, the mailman pointed that out too.
That you’re not actually supposed to mail those letters.
Lucky to have gotten a mailman that was so amused understanding.

The boxes have pick-up times. I freaked out as soon as the I dropped it in.
So I just parked myself.

@aprilsimnel OH GOD NO! I’m soooo glad I got it back.
I did mean what I said in it, but that doesn’t mean they need to read it.

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@Nimis- Boy, that was close!

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@aprilsimnel Yes, much closer than I would have liked.
I seem to be perpetually landing myself in retarded predicaments.

@mirifique Yes, but I certainly wouldn’t bank on it.

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You might be able to get it back under the right circumstances. I’ve retreived mail dropped through the mail slot at the post office for customers before. But once it leaves the office I don’t know what you do. You’d need to show proof that you are the person listed on the return address, of course.

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May be there’s a way… you should get in touch with the postman who clears the box and reason with proper proof of identity.. it may work.

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Totally forgot that I had shot out an email to USPS (before I even wrote my first quip).
Got an email from them this morning. This is what they had to say:

If the item has not been delivered domestically, the sender may recall the mailpiece by submitting PS Form 1509 (Sender’s Application for Recall of Mail) at any Post Office™. The completed form is sent to the destination Post Office facility for interception of the mail item, if possible. Delivery may occur before the form reaches the delivery unit. If this happens, the Postal Service™ cannot get the mail item back for you. PS Form 1509 can be obtained at any local Post Office, or on our website at:

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I stand corrected. You go, USPS!

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@Nimis: That is kind of amazing!

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@jonsblond The pot thing is sooo funny. We had that happen here just last week. The post office actually xrayed a package cuz it sounded funny, they were afraid they broke it, It was the buds rolling around. They called in the FBI. The FBI had the package delivered. It turned into some big deal. The package was from oout of state. So, then we have comiting a felony across state lines, etc.

I guess if it was something that was really broken, it would have just gotten lost! Tried to sent my grandpa some cookies once. When the post master asked me what was in the package, it told him cookies…. they never made it!

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