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Why is a cat one of the default pictures?

Asked by Baloo72 (702points) February 12th, 2009

All of the other profile pictures are of jellyfish, but there is one picture of a cat (or at least I think it’s a cat). Why is that?

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Andrew has a cat. I believe that it is a picture of his cat. It also shows up when fluther is down.

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Here is your answer.

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Stereotyping, that’s what it is. Stereotyping Someone thinks Flutherites sit alone at their computers all day and night, alone except for their cat.

What?! Oh, yeah, I do sit at home all day and night alone at my computer except for my cat at my feet. Or maybe it’s a big, hairy jelly fish. Who knows?

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Because when it comes down to it, cats are what the interwebs are really all about.

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@AstroChuck Thanks I was looking for a question about this earlier but couldn’t find one.

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I assumed it was his cat after seeing the Pictionary video…I think that’s where I saw him. I could be wrong.

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Maybe because of Lolcats.

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lolcats are win.

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I love lolcats….always make me laugh.
Asmonet working on 10k

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Makesure GailCalled sees this one
[The cat’s name is Milo that’s the only reason don’t worry].

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