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Can anyone draw/find a good picture of a cat, wolf, & dragon together?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) March 15th, 2010

Me & my girlfriends are each represented by an animal:
Me—European Dragon

I can’t find a good picture of these animals together anywhere! They’re both great artists, but afraid they’ll mess up.
And I just can’t draw animals….

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Tiger, Dragon, Wolf – which is kinda close… its all I could find. D:

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Take a look at this work. The artist’s name is Susan Seddon Boulet. You can just google her and find a lot of her work. She does all kinds of stuff, but I know her from her combining people with totem animals.

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@troubleinharlem Thanks! I guess a tiger could be considered a wildcat….Its wild, & its a cat! XD

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@nope Uhhh…...thanks for contributing….?

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If you could find a picture of each that are in similar or compatible styles, maybe someone could PhotoShop them together for you or somehow blend them into one design.

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@Jeruba I thought of that, but I dunno anyone with PhotoShop…...

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@Draconess25 lol, I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist that response. I can’t even think of how it would be possible to draw something like that, that would actually look good, or normal…but it seems like you’re getting some decent input. You’re right, I have nothing to contribute, and I’m sorry about that…maybe I’ll assign the task to one of my kids & see what they come up with, they’re imaginative. I have to learn to resist the sarcastic comment, hope there’re no hard feelings. Peace.

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@Jeruba I can photoshop. If you can find the images, I’ll put it together just for shits and giggles.

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@nope That’s okay! I’m just kida half-asleep….

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@Jeruba Thanks! I’ll try to find the pics when I’m a bit more awake tomorrow…...

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Are you airbrushing the side of an 80’s van?

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@judochop I’m too tired to discern between sarcasm & generosity at this hour, but I’ll assume its the latter. We just want to find a good picture to symbolize our relationship. But that’s a good idea, too. Sounds fun…...but that’s my ex-boyfriend’s area of expertise, not mine, nor my girlfriends’.

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Maybe add a wolf to this one.

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Just don’t tattoo it to anything. :P

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