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Best laptop for $1000 or less?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) October 9th, 2007

I don’t know anything about computers, but I want to get a new laptop. Something that will last me a while, not weigh a million pounds, and have multiple spots to plug in USB cords. I want to hook it up to a keyboard and mouse to be more ergonomic. Any ideas of models or websites to look on?

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Well, a white 13” macbook is $1099… (but doesn’t run Windows natively)

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Something that will last me a while

I think that if you want something that will last for a while, you should buy a Macbook. Not only because it’s outside, but also the durability of Mac OS. Mac OS is always blazing fast, unlike Windows, that you have to clean every day.

So I would say, the best notebook for 1000 or less is a Macboook.

BTW. Mac’s can run Windows (Bootcamp, VMWare, Parallels)

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I whole-heartedly agreed with the Mac recommendation. However, if you are still compelled to get a Windows laptop, I’d recommend Lenovo (IBM). For cheaper and less quality, Dell is an option. You can often find excellent deals on Be sure not to compromise on the size of laptop you want, and also to buy from trusted sources and brands… laptops do often break, so don’t forget the warranty matters.

But, especially if you’re a novice, I’d really recommend going the Mac route. The macbook is a solid computer, and OS X will just work much better in a year than a windows machine (No viruses, spyware, etc.) You won’t have nearly as many problems. Plus, the macbook has a built-in video cam which is pretty awesome.

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I’m also a fan of the MacBook. Look in Apple’s special deals area for refurbished models under your $1000 price point.

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@ben: ditto the lenovo recommendation—our floater laptop @ work is a lenovo thinkpad, it rocks.

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I normally would agree on the Levono for an under 1k windows laptop, but my office has been having trouble with some of the newer IBM laptops. The older thinkpads are tanks though if you want to find a used one. But like almost everyone else, I highly recommend a Macbook. Their price point offers more power and accessories than other laptops in that range.

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thanks, all. I ordered a macbook from the mac online store!

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Wow, great to hear that!

I’ve ordered an iMac, because I have no money for a Macbook Pro, but when I do, I will buy it too…

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