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Are bitTorrent and Mexico on speaking terms?

Asked by JoshLake (73points) February 15th, 2009

I live in Southern Mexico at the moment and I am trying to use bit torrent to download a movie that I paid for on iTunes that they won’t let me play because I am in Mexico. But it doesn’t seem to be working. Out of 4000 plus seeds I have zero availability, and no data downloaded after twenty minutes. I am new to bitTorrent. Am I stupid, or is it?

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Might just be a bad torrent, try a different one.

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I should add, I never download anything that has more than 500 or so seeds, it just seems shady. The more popular the torrent the easier it is to track you, at least it seems that way. Plus, the most popular ones have a higher chance of infections I’ve noticed.

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Make sure all your connection settings are set up right on your BitTorrent program. What program are you using? uTorrent is by far the easiest to set up and use, so I suggest that.

If you want good torrents, you should go to I’ve had good luck there.
pst I have invitation codes so write me a private comment if you want one

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It’s possible your firewall settings are blocking Bittorrent or your ISP is.

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