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Where can I read the actual details of the stimulus package?

Asked by testtoast99 (80points) February 20th, 2009

I want to read the nitty gritty of the stimulus package itself but can’t find how to read through its fascinating number of pages.

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I think, but am not certain, that they are going to be released only on the fourth of March.

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I am not looking for the check. I really just want to read the details of investment in infrastructure.

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From Here

Q: I heard I’d be able to track recovery funds. Why can’t I do that?
A: You aren’t able to track funds yet because we have not yet started receiving information from Federal agencies on how they are going to allocate the money. It takes a little bit of time for them to make sure your money is going to be spent wisely. Right now, the site features an overview of the law and an explanation of what it is intended to accomplish. You will have access to data as soon as we begin receiving it from agencies.

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