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What does it feel like to be hit by a car?

Asked by toomuchcoffee911 (6928points) February 22nd, 2009 from iPhone
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Depends on how hard you’re hit. I’ve bounced off of a number of cars, but never really been hit hard enough to do anything but bruise. Mine felt like a quick thud, much akin to accidentally hitting the corner of a desk/doorframe/etc.

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Ouch. Were you on a bike?

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I got bumped at an intersection once. The driver was taking a right turn, looking to the left, and didn’t see me in the crosswalk. It really hurt my elbow (the main place of impact) the most, but nothing was broken.

My sister OTOH was hit while jogging in winter. A car behind her lost control on the ice and hit her breaking her hips and pelvic bones. She was knocked out, so doesn’t remember being hit, but it took 6 months to get back on her feet again.

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In my case, I didn’t even feel it at all at first. One minute I was crossing the street, and the next I was spun around and hit the ground. I hopped right back up and quickly made my way to the median, where I collapsed. I watched in horror as my entire leg turned black and blue right before my eyes. Then the pain hit. A different kind of pain than I’d ever felt before or since (not the worst pain I’ve ever felt, just different). Like I was battered. It hurt like hell, but I mostly remember being really pissed off that a car had hit me! The nerve of that car! It hurt much more later on than it did in the beginning.

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yeah it totally depends on how hard you get hit, and where, to some extent. My SO got bumped with the front of a car and knocked off of his bike, but my ex-roommate actually was sucked up under the front tire of a truck and got her femur snapped in half… So despite the severity, its just not a pleasant experience all around.

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@toomuchcoffee911 nope I was walking down the street, st. patrick’s day 2 years ago. The car slid on the slushy, gross mess that becomes streets in New England around mid-march.

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@augustlan I was extremely pissed off too. I was more annoyed that I got hit by a car than hurt.

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I’ve been hit at about 5mph and about 10 mph (i would say) and both were quite shocking…only bruised though but it’s like you can feel the metal going through your body… I guess i mean the metallic hard, heavy energy, incapacitating you and making you very rapidly aware of your mortality and how incredibly dangerous these machines are that we razz around in every day like its nothing…. they’re really killing machines

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I forgot to say the car that hit me was traveling at about 45 MPH. Ouch.

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Probably feels like I do most Monday mornings.

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I grew up in New York City, where jaywalking is as natural as breathing.
My first trip to London, coming out of a restaurant on the Kensington High Street, looked left, looked right, looked left, stepped off curb, wham..
Got hit, more like brushed on the right hip. Fortunately driver was not going very fast. He yells something, I yell something back (not polite, I was a New Yorker, what do you expect), he smiles and says better look the other way in this town mate.. and drives off.

I had a bruise for weeks.

I sobered up really quickly also.


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It hurts. a lot.

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@augustlan I forget the name of the chemical, but in severe trauma/danger/etc situations your body pumps itself full of it and it makes you not feel pain as greatly. When it wore off you felt the pain.

A few years back my eldest brother was driving without a license (god love him but he’s an idiot sometimes). He was obeying the law and everything, but had to hit the brakes hard to stop in time for a red light. Unfortunately the guy on the bicycle behind him couldn’t stop in time and slammed into the back of my brothers van (utility worker). The guys neck hit the back of the van in just the right manner, that he died instantly. My brother served 2 years for manslaughter (they got him on some technicality that he didn’t have his license or something).

Moral of the story, for the love of god please don’t ride your bike on the street. Even if you’re supposed to by law. Heaven forbid you should get hit by someone. I’d honestly much rather you hit me on a bike while I’m walking on the sidewalk, then some person not paying attention in a car changing lanes into you.

(just my two cents)

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I was hit by a car almost a month ago. I walked out not hearing the car and it hit me travelling 35mph. My elbow smashed into the windscreen and I got thrown off onto the road. I was still conscious and I was in a lot of pain. The paramedics came and gave me some gas and air. I was brought to a hospital where I found out I’d broken my left humerus, left tibia, chipped my left hip and sprained my left elbow. I was operated on the next day and this present day I’m walking on crutches. The feeling of getting hit is a feeling I’ll never forget. As it hit me, everything went slower. Almost as if in a film to capture an incident properly they slow it down. As I landed all the speed went back to normal and then I really felt the pain. as people came to help me I screamed out in agony for help and for the people surrounding me I asked to look into my blazer pocket and get my phone to call my mum. One thing I oddly remember is the clouds from when the paramedics came and turned me onto my back. When everything slowed down though, that is the weirdest feeling anybody can ever experience.

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Ouch, @STMasta. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with the healing!

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