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Voice activated iPod app for iPhone?

Asked by dingus108 (228points) February 23rd, 2009 from iPhone

There are voice activated calling apps for iphone, are there any apps that accomplish the same with the iPod part of the phone, similar to microsoft’s sync system in the new ford cars?

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I haven’t seen any for controlling the music player. That would be interesting though. I’d get it for sure.

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The problem is that Apple sandboxes the iPod functionality away from third party developers. That’s why you haven’t seen any variation in the music playing functionality with the users iTunes music. Third parties are relegated to streaming in music or uploading their music separately. Not ideal.

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i googled it and found some video about an app that does this. don’t know if apple put the kibosh on it though…

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It is possible to have such an app on a jailbroken device, which is probably what that is demoing. It won’t be possible on un-hacked devices unless Apple loosens its policies regarding iPod functionality.

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There are so many feautures apple didn’t include that it’s just rediculous. Especially for those of us who drive would need this kind of app.

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