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Do you think people appear to have different personalities on fluther chat, compared to here?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) February 26th, 2009

If so, how would you characterize that difference?

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They do? What’s it like in there? Chatting is too stressful for me.

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There are fluther chat rooms? Where? I never knew. I used to love the old AOL chat rooms.

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What Chat Room? standard response

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What chat room?

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I say more retarded stuff in chat :P

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Oh I see it… neato.

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Even more?

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i’m even more awesomer in a real time discussion.

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In the chat room, there are no guidelines exactly… so we’re all a bit more free-wheeling in there. I enjoy that aspect, but it goes too fast for me. It’s hard on my little brain, so I don’t visit often.

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—Me too @augustlan. I never know who’s addressing whom.

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I agree with you both. It took me 10 minutes to type this post!

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Yeah, it would be a good feature in chat, if they could duplicate the @ function here. Then we could address our comments, and other people could follow things more clearly.

The other thing that annoys me is that every time someone adds a chat post, the screen scrolls to the bottom, and so you have to move the scroll bar back up, if you want to review the conversation. This gets old fast, and you just give up trying to understand who is referring to what.

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There’s a fluther chat? Man I need to pay more attention.

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fluther chat? lol

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Is there really a chat room here or are you just toying with us?

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There is – it’s just sort of hidden.

I was there once.

People do seem to have a different conversation technique, because it’s just general chatter rather than addressing a specific question, but I don’t know if it’s a different personality so much as the same personality behaving different ways in different circumstances.

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The link is above; fourth post down by PnL.

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I just popped in to see these alleged differences… but i’m all alone in there. it’s so cold around the campfire.

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Not much of a chatter. I can’t devote my entire attention to it, so people think I’m rude.

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Well, there is a difference… There its say it and forget it and move on, here there’s a long-standing unless its removed record of what’s said. People can refer back to the main site and see what you said at any time… so people tend to put a little more thought into posting here than they bother to in chat. That’s the main thing!

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