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Are you in favor of there being a link to the chatroom accessible from fluther's main site?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12574points) December 23rd, 2009

Open only to members. Did you even know there was a chat room?

It seems that when questions and comments are moderated, we often hear that these are “better suited for the chatroom”, but the reality is that most of us don’t have access to the chat room.

What’s your opinion?

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In favor!

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I asked the same last week:

I’m sure theres probably like 100 more questions about it too :p

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It is accessible if you know where to look.

The help chat room, accessible through the “contact us” link at the top, has a link to the regular chat. If you misplace the link, it can be found there.

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Well, but… Spammers… Trolls… Cheneys…

I think it’s better to keep the chat room to invite-only.

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@avvooooooo: Very nice, my friend! Very nice! You’re a keeper.

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And who keeps track of whom to invite and when ?

We’re all big boys and girls here and perfectly capable of barring trolls and spammers.

It’s a lot more practical to track whom to kick out rather than whom to invite in. Sheer numbers.

Or as Wayne and Garth would say: We’re not worthy…We’re not worthy !


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I’m in favor of it. I’m not a big chatroom fan, but get a few beers in me and I can never find the link!

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[mod says:] Believe me, this has been discussed among mods and brought up with the founders several times. They just aren’t going to put a link up there until they make their own integrated chat room. Right now the chat room we use is hosted by 37signals and Fluther pays them for using their chat room. The problem with their chat room is that it doesn’t work well to keep out trolls and the like. So Fluther doesn’t really want to be associated with such an unstable environment. You don’t want someone new to Fluther to click on the chat room link and happen to be there when trolls are posting graphic, inappropriate pics since that’s the impression they will get about Fluther.

Soo until Bendrewim work on making an integrated chatroom, this will be a constant issue, I’m afraid. They are working on it, they just are working on countless other features too, so it might take a while.

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What PnL said.. I wrote a greasemonkey that does it.

It looks like this

And the script calls my website so if the link changes I can manually update it without you needing to update the script.

And the link to the room is.

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One word. Christmas present.

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Agree with @PnL . I dont’t really care for chatrooms anyway. The fast pace of the conversation makes my autism more obvious; I need the greater time delay of the Q&A format to craft an intelligent response.
I wouldn’t want the founders to go to more expense and approach a point where commercialism becomes necessary to survival of the site. This is exactly what happened at my former site six years ago and eventually led to a situation where the founders lost control of the site, the meltdown that occurred a few weeks ago being the ultimate result.
Bendrewim (is that the proper ettiquette?), please keep it simple and affordable. That way you don’t lose control.

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Thanks for the clarifying tech info. I was making assumptions cuz I was not
aware of how little control the mods have, but now that I realize that the chatroom belongs to someone else, that makes perfect sense.

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