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Are you more likely to say something you know might offend on Fluther or in person?

Asked by kruger_d (3642points) February 27th, 2009

Are you more likely to hold your tongue or your typing?

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Depends on what im responding too, if i see that its not something personal then yeah. I try not to offend anyone on Fluther, just put my 2 cents in.

In person if they deserve it, ill let it fly. I dont like to hold anything in.

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I’m much less of a dick in real life.

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My tongue! Though usually neither. Just here, I’m more likely to talk to people I don’t know, ie almost everyone, whereas in real life if I don’t know you I probably won’t say anything. When it is not the Internet, I’m super-shy. Believe it or not.

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I usually do not try to offend in either arena. I use even more care on Fluther, because things in writing are more easily misunderstood. Still, it happens sometimes.

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I’m not naturally inclined to offend anyone whether it is online or in person. I’ve never been confrontational or seen the need for it unless absolutely necessary.

Along these same lines, I feel that I have the ability to use restraint very well, if I need to, and that further lessens my concerns about offending others.

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I’m pretty much the same in both areas, but it’s easier to give someone a tongue lashing on the internet. I don’t try to offend people in either place tho. If I get snippy, it’s usually in repsonse to something that has been said that offended me.

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I’m pretty much exactly the same in ‘real life’ and on Fluther. The only exception would be those people close to me in my life with whom I disagree on major points (religion, politics, etc.). I generally decline to confront them about it. They are of an older generation and are resistant to change any of their views at this point in their lives. In those cases, the fight is not worth it.

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There’s many a time I’ve thought of a smart assed remark that I could write, but I never would. That’s just not me. Same as in person. I take no pleasure in being hateful to anyone unless I’m pushed. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

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i’m more likely to have conversations about subjects i have strong opinions on, on fluther than in real life. so i am more likely to offend here than anywhere else, i guess. more opportunities here.

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I don’t try to offend anyone, but I don’t hold back when I feel strongly about something on Fluther or off. I’m tactful, but I always state my opinion.

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Typing, got more time to think….

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I have never found the need to state my opinion in a fashion that should offend people. I think that sometimes there is and overdeveloped sense that if it doesn’t piss people off or sound edgy it isn’t getting the point across or it doesn’t carry any weight.

While I have seen that happen on here. I have seen more passive comments with the same point fall by the way side while more “colorful” ones have been addressed. This has not changed my approach.

That being said, I have been known to lose my temper under certain circumstances where someone was dismissive or debating with a sense of unearned entitlement. Or they were just an ass.

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What’s inteesting to me is that I am much freer here, not so much about offending people, but about what I will talk about (some of which might offend people). The more I do it here, the more comfortable I feel about doing it in real life. I never really tried to be funny in real life, but now that I know some people find me amusing, I am freer with that aspect of myself in real life.

On the other hand, some things I talk about here that I would never talk about in real life—I’ve come closer to blurting out things that I shouldn’t. I guess I’m used to being open here, and it’s hard to stop that in real life.

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@daloon In retrospect I can say the same thing about myself.

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