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Wii accessories advice needed. Will you help?

Asked by DandyDear711 (1512points) March 2nd, 2009

We helped the economy over the weekend and bought a Wii and Wii FIT. Yes Thank You for all your applause!

We know we need another remote controller and nunchuck. I suspect we also need a charger for the remotes. Do they now make non-Nintendo remotes, nunchucks, and chargers? If yes what are the good ones and where do you buy them? Or should I just bite the bullet and buy all the stuff at Hollywood Video/Game Crazy? (They seem to sell everything at the Wii allowed lowest price.)

I saw non Wii brand wheels for Mario Cart at HV/GC for about $8. Are these just as good?

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I don’t have chargers.

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I bought a set of non-Nintendo Wii rechargeable battery packs. They only charge the remotes via USB when the console is fully on, not when it’s in standby, and since I never leave my console in standby mode, they were effectively useless. I did get the packs fully charged… and they did not hold a lot of charge at all. I gave up and now use non-rechargeable batteries.

As for the wheel. I have an official Nintendo one that came with Mario Kart. There is no electronic component in it, it is only a shell that your remote slips into. Out of any third party component, I’d only be willing to purchase such non-electronic ones – I’ve never been satisfied with third party remotes or accessories. Personally I like using the wheel, but I won’t be buying another one.

If I were going to purchase another wiimote and nunchuk today, I would purchase the first party Nintendo models.

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There are not, to my knowledge, non-Nintendo remotes or nunchucks. There are non-Nintendo chargers. I own two. They plug directly into the wall outlet. They’re okay, but the work only if the remotes are cradled in the charger just so. Can be frustrating. I’ve never used any Nintendo-branded chargers, so I don’t know if those are any better. The biggest annoyance about my charger is that you have to take the remote out of the plastic/rubber sleeve in order to charge them.

A wheel is a wheel. In fact, you don’t need the wheel at all. Just hold the remote sideways and turn it as though you were turning a wheel. The Wii can’t tell any difference. The wheel is just to make the turning sensation more realistic to you.

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Nyko is soon releasing their wand, that is $5 cheaper than the Nintendo brand. They also offer cheaper, wireless nunchuks. They have generally favorable reviews in the internet.

I’d like to reiterate the point: Don’t buy any more wheels! They’re just pieces of plastic. You can really do without :)

Don’t bother with rechargeable battery packs! Pick up a pack of Duracell rechargeables and use those with a wall charger. It’ll save you a lot of money.

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nintendo doe not make rechargable battery packs for the Wiimotes. The only thing I’d recommend is getting Wiiplay because it comes with a few semi-entertaining mini games and a Wiimote for $50. I honestly don’t have personal experience with the third party accessories though.

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