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Fellow friends, just curious who has renter's insurance for their apartment, and if they'd care to share with who their provider is and how much it is a month --?

Asked by benchaos (64points) March 8th, 2009

I’m in Minnesota, but anyone can answer.

Feel free to mention why Fluther is the intellectual’s version of yahoo answers.

Also, let me know if you agree that it’s worth waiting for a Fluther response sometimes than researching it online elsewhere.

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I do not have renter’s insurance :( We probably should, but we never even looked into it. And my downstairs neighbor almost caught her apartment on fire once, totally freaked me out.

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I go through USAA and pay only about $9 a month for pretty decent coverage. I didn’t have renters insurance until recently. My last apartment flooded- now I have insurance. Hopefully I’ll never ever use it, but the peace of mind is worth it.

And no, I don’t agree it’s worth waiting. Fluther is not a replacement for research.

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I don’t agree that it’s worth waiting rather than researching elsewhere online. I think doing your own research first is key, and if you’re not satisfied with what you’ve been able to find out on your own, then go to fluther. People sometimes find questions that can easily be answered by googling irritating.

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I buy it for my daughter in the dorm, and the one in the apartment. It runs $99 for the year from State Farm. We may get a discount; we have cars and the house through them as well.

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We have renters insurance through my sisters car insurance company. It is 50K in coverage for 6 dollars per month. I think she uses State Farm. But it is a worthwhile investment.

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I had it when I was a renter. Very reasonable investment for the protection you get.

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Mine in Canada is $15CDN a month. It once was $20 when I lived in a more shady part of town in a lower secured building (no on-site management, etc). It is very worthwhile, in fact in my area it’s a required condition on living in an apartment. Even if it wasn’t worthwhile I would buy it – living in an apartment has a risk of other people’s stupidity affecting you (such as them lighting their apartment on fire, which then spreads).

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I’m the same as @AlfredaPrufrock – $99/year through State Farm, but that does include a small discount for insuring the car with them. It’s definitely worth it, especially for the peace of mind that you’re covered if anything happens…

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I pat about $100 a year for renters insurance through Liberty Mutual. I’ve never had to file a claim, but it’s nice to have. I pay for it when I pay my auto insurance, so it doesn’t feel like an added cost.

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I have a lot of liability insurance and a lot of personal property protection, and it costs me $220 a year.

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If you have a lot of camera equipment, musical instruments, etc. you can list them separately and get full replacement coverage. I was always afraid the place would burn down.

Also, if you ever put anything into storage, take their insurance option.

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