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If I do 100 push ups a day will I get ripped quick?

Asked by Ownage (296points) March 10th, 2009

Actually perfect-pushups. I have a set of those sitting in my house. I go to the gym sometimes but can never get on a regular schedule. Theres no reason my laay ass can’t do pushups though. My goal is to increase size and\or definition pretty quickly (isin’t that everyones goal). Numbers don’t bother me. What is a good realistic amount to do a day that I will see results within a month. 100? 200? 250?

Ohh by the way I don’t eat the best, but I don’t eat the worst. I eat good food, but a lot of junk as well. Not enough to turn into a fat ass though.

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Well I think that in order to get ripped you need to follow a healthy diet, not just eat like you say you do, and do a variety of exercices, you don’t want your abs ripped and the rest of your body to look different do you? You need to work out all of your body at the same time.

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Our bodies lose fat proportionally, so focusing on a single area of your body will not get quick results.

Also: no matter what your fitness goal is, your routine should include 30 – 40 minutes of cardio at least 3 times a week.

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All I know is that if I tried to do a hundred push-ups a day I’d rip something.

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It won’t cause you harm, that’s for sure.

But really, you don’t want to get ripped quick. A quick rip is a great way to get injured and ultimately delay your training. Take it solid and take it slow. 100 pushups in the morning, 100 at lunch, 100 in the evening, and push the numbers up as the sets get easier will certainly give you upper body advantage. Even one set of X a day is enough to get started.

There is no set number. Just go until your body can’t go no more, then squeeze out one more. Write this number down. The next day, try for that number plus one. Keep going. If it hurts, stop doing it! Try again the next day.

Your question reminds me of the 100 pushups site. It’s a solid site. Try using its techniques if you need a hand.

And I’m not here to nag, but you really have to cut out any junk food you can. A lot of junk food is not what good strong men eat. You are what you eat, your muscles need vitamins and proteins and all sorts of things provided by a variety of nutritious intake. Keep the junk food for a snack – go out once a week, have a junky dessert (a cheesecake) over a week’s dessert. But if you eat crap, you are hindering your own progress, and will never get ripped fast. Some people can eat crap and have muscle. These are exceptions to the rule and are caused in part by their metabolism, which no one has control over. Solid trained ripped men eat a balanced meal often high in protein. There are books that have eating plans for muscle building optimization. Go down to the bookstore and ask around.

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How about you say ‘not enough to gain weight though’? I came here all prepared to help only to be convinced otherwise by your words.

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Like dynamicduo said, eating right is super important. Cut out the junk. Replace it with good stuff like fruits and veggies. Fruit is so good and I don’t understand why people have such a hard time eating it. If you want a snack try some good quality crackers and sausage with some cheese – go for the good stuff, it’ll taste better than the cheaper alternatives and it’ll deter you from eating too much of it :D

Also, dynamicduo said this already but if you want to get into go shape you’re gonna have to do a variety of exercises. That said, if you want to exercise at home, push-ups, full sit-ups, crunches, a bit of yoga and a jog in the morning are a good start.

Don’t overwork yourself in the beginning. Start slow, start small – trust me. You can risk a lot injuries like tendonitis for instance. I got tendonitis in my arms from climbing a long time ago and I find if I stress myself too much too early in the season it’ll come flare up and set me back a few weeks, but if I start slow for a week or two I don’t even get a hint of it all year.

Anyway good luck man, take your time.

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I recommend the book Fit or Fat by Covert Bailey. This a book filled with great information about getting in shape.

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As a personal trainer,Dietician and ex competing bodybuilder,I can tell you exactly the quickest way to get ripped. Keep your carbohydrate level at 80–120 grams a day. Stick to complex carbs that are whole foods. Also, sodium needs to be minimal. One part carb holds 4 parts water and one part sodium holds 80 parts water. Then do at least 30–60 minutes of aerobic activity daily and add some toning or weight training to keep muscles tight. You will get ripped.

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All of these people are morons…. The best way for you to build muscle mass as well as increase your overall body definition is to do 40–50 push-ups the first week (every other day) then increase your numbers every two weeks. You must make sure to take a day off, (hence the every other day comment) so that your muscles may rest and rebuild. This is vital to the success of your overall performance as muscles take time to rejuvenate themselves. I guarantee in 1–3 months, you will look like Chuck Norris in his prime. Good luck!

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