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Favorite song by an ex-Beatle?

Asked by Jude (32131points) March 10th, 2009

“Isn’t It a Pity”, George Harrison.

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It’s cliche…but “Imagine” by John Lennon.

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Ooooh! So many! I enjoy Wings to a great extent, but not any particular song. I really enjoyed McCartney’s single Dance Tonight from his most recent album. I like John Lennon’s “God” and “Mother.” Ringo… meh. Remember thatTraveling Wilburys song that was out in the 90’s? I just tried to find it but couldn’t. I remembered liking that.

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If we’re talking solo, “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon. To be honest, 99.999% of the post Beatles output by solo Beatles did very little for me…John’s music was the best of any of them, but I think the Lennon/McCartney songwriting was far greater than the sum of its parts…they balanced each other in exactly the right ways. I think it was a case of John being all substance and Paul being all form…I find all of McCartney’s output to be just way too simple and poppy for my tastes, and though Lennon’s work was powerful, it didn’t have that hook, that last level of varnish if you will that Paul brought to the mix.

Now, if ex-Beatle output here is to include collaborative efforts, I’d have to think about exactly which song I’d pick, but for my money, the Travelling Wilburys were the best thing to rise out of the ashes of the Beatles. I think George Harrison was VERY talented, but most of his solo output was just so-so, just didn’t grab me, and as for Ringo, he should stick to the drums (if you saw “Walk Hard”, there was a great scene where the Beatles were all at each other’s throats and Ringo pipes up, “I’ve got a song about an octopus…” that summed it up pretty well for me on the Ringo front).

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“Merry Christmas, War is Over” by John Lennon

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When I’m 64. I guess the group sang it, but Paul wrote it.

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ooh Uber I know what song you’re talking about but I can’t remember the name. That being said, the Wilburys are great on two fronts: George and Tom. I’ve made no secret about my lurve for Tom Petty.

But I think my favorite song by an ex-Beatle would have to be Admiral Halsey.

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“Dance Tonight”, by Paul. It’s just so happy!

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I really loved the whole Band on the Run album and still love playing it. I know all the words!
I agree, Imagine is great, too.

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One of the greatest records of all time is All Things Must Pass by George Harrison. Anything off of that would do, even though John Lennon was my favorite.

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Oh My Love, Mother, and Love by John Lennon.

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@adreamofautumn I lurve that song! Even though I really dont care that much for the Beatles.

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“Watching the Wheels” by John Lennon.

Even more than “Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey” by Wings.

This answer is only sort of tongue in cheek.

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“Here Comes the Sun” – George Harrison

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Band on the Run – Paul

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Here Comes the Sun was a Beatles song

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Darn. Harrison wrote it, at least then, right?

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Yes, I believe he did write it

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I’ll go with Imagine too.

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Anything from Let it Be. they broke up before it’s release

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