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Can you find the lyrics to one of the old "Kidsongs" songs, about heroes?

Asked by MrItty (17406points) March 11th, 2009

I can usually find most lyrics via a few minutes of Google searching, but this one is stumping me. All I remember is that it’s a song about American heroes. The only verse I remember (and even it may not be quite right) is:
General George Washington had to win
If his country was to grow
But he made it through, and he won the day
Our first President we all know

Seasons come and seasons go, but
America’s heroes will live for ever
Times get tough for the memories of
America’s heroes, who pull us through together

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I think this might be it. If you press the blue play button it plays the song.

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I’ll be damned! That’s it exactly! I’ll be sure to bookmark that site. VERY cool. Thanks, @Bri_L !!

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You got it bud! Glad to help!

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