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What is the polar opposite of the Libertarian ideology?

Asked by Introverted_Leo (1939points) March 14th, 2009

I’m exploring different ideologies, which I really have no handle on whatsoever, lol. (Goverment was not my favorite subject.)

From what I can tell, Populism would be the closest polar opposite to Libertarianism (or maybe Authoritarianism is, idk.) Just reading Wikipedia articles is not really helping me a great deal because I’m looking for polar opposites in political ideologies/philosophies, not forms of government, and I find the organization of these matters on their site a little disorienting.

Anyone who can shed some light on this for me would be greatly appreciated. : )

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Authoritarianism, right?

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Any type of religious government would likely be the polar opposite of libertarianism.

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The 2nd Bush administration.

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Yeah, actually.

Maybe not from a corporate oversight perspective. But Libertarianism is primarily about the freedom to do what you please. That administration did everything they could to remove personal liberties in the name of patriotism and protection.

Maybe they got the guns part right, but not the liberty part.

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Yeah…what fireside said.

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Thank you for an actual explanation, @fireside.

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no problem : )

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Though I still have no idea what pluralism is in contrast. :P


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Okay, now that I actually take the time to read the details, I will amend my answer.

I’m going to go with Communism.

Libertarianism still has the element of government whereas Communism is a stateless, classless society where there are no individual liberties because everything is offered up for the good of the community and you accept what you get in return.

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You can take little quizzes anywhere to place yourself on the grid. This is the one we used in my Political Science class last semester.

The answer, according to that class, was “communitarian.”

Liberals generally prefer social freedom to live any way you want, but favor governmental intervention in economic affairs. Conservatives generally favor as free and unregulated an economic market as possible, but favor government intervention in peoples’ moral choices.

Libertarians generally want the government to keep its mitts off of both the economy and peoples’ morality. A Communitarian would favor economic and social control by the government.

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Thanks, Laureth! That makes sense.

(I’m not actually asking to see which one I am, though. I just wanted to understand the differences.)

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@laureth…Great test. I am indeed a libertarian.

i was afraid for a second it was going to label me a scientologist

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Time magazine recently had an article that relates to this question. Though they didn’t claim the two were polar opposites, they do have very different ideologies. The article compared Libertarian ideas to an ideology known as Communitarianism. The most rudimentary way to describe the two would be the following:

Libertarian strongly advocate individual liberties, while Communitarians are more concerned about the well being of the community or society as a whole.

Communitarianism is not to be confused with Communism, or Authoritarianism.

If you want to know more, I encourage you do some basic research on the idea :)

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IMHO, the polar opposite of Libertarianism is Statism, regardless of what else it’s called.

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