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Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, an army of one? What is the delay with getting his support staff appointed?

Asked by Michale (184points) March 23rd, 2009

I figure that filling out the Treasury Department would probably be something Obama would want to do right away. What is the delay do you think?

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I wonder about that too, but have no answers.

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It is being worked on. Three more appointments were made recently:

“The White House on Sunday said Obama is nominating David S. Cohen to be assistant secretary in dealing with terrorist financing; Alan B. Krueger for assistant secretary for economic policy; and Kim N. Wallace as assistant secretary for legislative affairs.”

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From what I recall, they were having some problems with it because of the restrictions Obama has placed on the positions. Largely, the no-working-with-your-old-friends and no-lobbyists restrictions.

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Multiple reasons held it up. As stated before, Obama’s goal to not hire former lobbyists and such has got in the way, cuz most of the best people to hire have at least at some point been involved in a lobbyist type position (CEO’s, actual lobbyists, high paid advisers, etc). Also not helping is that after the multiple tax mess ups his early appointees had, the committees responsible for approving the appointees are now being more “meticulous.” You could argue a bit of partisan stuff from hardcore conservatives, but probably no more than usual.

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