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Im thinking of joining a gym can anyone help me with my question?

Asked by eeyore200343 (175points) March 23rd, 2009

hey everyone! i have never been to a gym before so i have no idea of what i need to take with me or anything. and do i carry a towel round the gym with me? i have no idea at all. thought i would get advice before joining. thanks :)

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It depends on the gym. You might want to take a tour of the gym you’re joining before you commit, so that you can see what goes on there and what other people are doing.

When you’re at the gym, you’ll want to be in comfortable clothes for exercising. You are likely to want a water bottle and an iPod, and a notebook or something similar if you’re doing weight training or want to keep a lot for some other reason.

You may want to carry a towel around with you. Many gyms have bottles of disinfectant solution and either paper towels or cloth bar towels scattered around the gym, and it’s considered polite to wipe down a piece of equipment when you’re done using it. If that’s the case at your gym, you won’t need to carry a towel around unless you want to.

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At my gym I brought a towel and kept it around my neck. When you DO go on a tour, go at the hours you would BE at the gym so you can see how crowded it is, how long you have to wait for machines, etc.

You may need a lock for your locker.

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thank you. you will obviously know i dont know the first thing about gyms lol

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so hang on a min just another question. if that is all i need for the gym then why do people carry them big hold-all bags with them? surely they dont need that much

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They may need sports equipment—if they’re playing racquetball, they will want to have a racket and balls, for instance. They may be serious free-weight lifters, and so they will want to have a weightlifting belt for their back. They may plan on showering and changing at the gym, and so they have a towel, any toiletries they need, and a change of clothes.

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A gym bag is all I take. In it I have my sweats, sneakers, towel, grooming stuff, iPod, glasses, a lock.

When I get to the gym, I change and put the bag in my locker,

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thank you for all your help its appreciated very much so

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I get dressed before I go to the gym so I don’t carry anything. My gym also supplies towels.

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@chyna—same with me. I dress at home. My gym provides towels. On the rare occasion I need to shower & change at the gym, I bring my bike bag with clothes, toiletries, etc.
Most of the big chain gyms (24Hr, Gold’s) have amenities such as towels.
A smaller, family-owned place may not provide towels or may want you to buy one from them.

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