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Which branch of the Government has too much power?

Asked by larsalan (164points) March 26th, 2009
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I think our system of checks and balances between branches is doing a fair job. Our democracy as a whole, however, could use a lot of work. The amount of power and influence that special interest groups/lobbyists have in Washington is disgusting.

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All of them. Down with goverment!

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Whatever weird, possibly extradimensional/complex-number branch Dick Cheney thought he was in.

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The system as a whole is doing pretty well. Which side has the “most” power has shifted throughout the history of our nation, but the common “strongest” would be the Executive branch. A few times in our history the Executive branch has probably taken too much power (during Andrew Jackson’s presidency, arguably during the Bush presidency). But overall the checks and balances work.

The least powerful branch would probably be the Judicial. They often have their rulings worked around by the other branches, and in some cases have been just outright ignored.

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Judicial. Supreme court justices for life? That just seems a tad bit extreme.

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hopefully that will change with the shift in power.

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