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This thread shows that most women have no issues. I can’t speak for the general population though. Certainly, a bald woman is more unusual to see than a bald man.

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@jonsblond – isn’t that considered against Fluther guidelines. The question is yes/no.

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That and it doesn’t actually provide any stats. All I see is a dramatized example that can’t be verified in any way.

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Discrimination where? In the workplace? In the dating scene? I don’t think there is any discrimination against bald people in the workplace. In the dating scene, everyone has their type…

edit: Not sure if your link clarified your question more, but I’m at work and it was blocked for Erotic/Sex content. hmmmm…

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I think baldies can be teh hawt. Embrace it!

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@TenaciousDenny – in all aspects of society, as the topics list indicates.

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Did your question ask for stats in response? How would one go about obtaining stats for discrimination against bald persons; where would verification come from? I didn’t see any stats in the cartoon you linked to. Maybe you should poll some bald people and report your findings.

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depends on their age I think. Old people are expected to be bald;younger people are expected to have hair.

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@Halliburton_Shill I’m not a mod. Take it up with them.

sometimes questions do get by the mods, they are not available 100% of the time

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I hear barbers don’t like them.

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I was just researching presidents (of the U.S.) and realized that we haven’t had a baldie in the White House since Eisenhower. Well, Ford was getting there, but he wasn’t elected by anyone.

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@Halliburton_ S; I am woman and I was bald for a while due to chemo. No one showed me any discrimination; au contraire. I think your premise is silly, by the way.

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I’ve not known of any and it’s strange to even think of anymore when most men I see, even young men in their 20’s are losing hair. Maybe it’s due to chemicals in our food and stress but I think the fuzzheads and shiny domes have become the norm. As to women, I’ve only seen a few in my life.

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Bald is the new buzz cut.

It’s clean and can be quite youthful…so, NO, I don’t believe there is discrimination of bald people.

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Like @gailcalled, I’ve been bald (a few times…pretty close to bald, right now) due to chemotherapy. Unlike @gailcalled, I heard a few comments, but never did I feel true discrimination – stupidity from someone, yes, but discrimination – no.

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I never thought much about it on other people, but since I suffered a sudden and drastic hair loss myself, I am having a very hard time getting used to seeing myself in the mirror. As you can see in my avatar, a one year old picture, I wore my salt and pepper hair long.

When it started to fall out, I had to cut it off because it was clogging the drains, and what is left has turned completely white. I have begun looking specifically at other women with hair like mine, and I still don’t mind it on them, but hate it on myself.

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You sound to me like a haired man tryin’ to pass himself off as bald.

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@Blondesjon: ^^ Yarnlady. “at other women”...

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@gailcalled…I meant @Halliburton_Shill.

do you see me as a total cad?

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@Blondesjon; Sorry. Anyone who would love and hand raise “Spot” is the antithesis of a cad.

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I like bald people, its a good look. I’ve even seen a couple of bald women that looked hot that way. Hair is over-rated anyway.

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Being bald is a HUGE disadvantage when it comes to dating. All the women on here say, “I find bald men attractive”. They might say it but this doesn’t mean they would stoop to dating a bald guy. Women think that bald men are inferior to men with full heads of hair. Sucks but it’s true. Trust me, i know from first hand experience. I’m 25 years old and it’s quite clear that i am going bald. I’m doing the close trim look because anything else i do looks like i’m ashamed of myself. With hair, women loved me. With the obviously receding hairline, women are appalled by me. This is something i have learned to live with… for the most part. It took me a few years to realize that i would no longer be considered a viable option to women. It’s not like i’m some slouch that is out of shape and uneducated either. I workout four times a week and am in great shape. I’m also going to school to further my education and get a career started. Yet, another positive aspect about me is that i’m considered an awesome drummer in a kick-ass band. Do you know what all that equals when you are going bald? Jack Shit. It’s a dismal outlook to have but it has been proven true time and time again. If there are soooo many women who find bald/balding men attractive, why haven’t i met a single one? Now, there is one way to get dates when you’re a bald man…. HAVE A SHITLOAD OF MONEY. For some reason, women can look past a man being ugly, racist, lazy, hate filled, and perverted if he has a fat grip of cash he can show her. This, i have seen time and time again. So, there you go, my balding brethren. Get rich or be single. Good luck to you all!

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@benzilla: Don’t be an idiot. Look at all the young guys who deliberately shave their heads.

And take pity on those of us who need breaks or paragraphs in the text here.

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It is kind of a problem when your hair falls out and you have no control over it. I loved my long salt and pepper hair, and since over half of it fell out, and the rest turned pure white, I am still having a hard time getting used to it.

I don’t have any problem with thin or no hair on other people, because it seems ‘normal’ when I see them. The only problem I have is with my own, and I am working on that.

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I am 26 and bald. And my dating is shit. When I had hair, not worries. Now I have to bang a chunky chick and hope she brags about my 8 inch dick. I just got dumped and it is taken all of my will not to shoot myself through the crome dome, because she probably was my last dime piece. If your bald and in your 20s hello fat chicks or girls that are 30 with kids who think 30 means they are ancient artifacts of despiration. Shaved heads maybe in style, but bald heads are not. Sorry to tell you, there is a difference and people can easily see it. Fuck my life.

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@Baldand26 I’m thinking you might have better luck with women if your attitude was a tad better.

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@Baldand26 It’s not the top of your head that’s the problem. I guarantee it.

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hey augustlan!
you’re full of crap! women are in denial about saying hair loss on a man doesn’t matter! i’ve lived it and it is SO f’ing true! the idiots who say that all these young guys are shaving their heads, yadayadayadayada, are extremely myopic! shaving one’s head in style, for now. when it goes out of style, guess who’s screwed?! the bald guys! most of the “young guys” who shave their heads are able to grow it back again and they will still be in good favor of the entire shallow fem fetale. women cannot determine what is really attractive to them, the media (society) determines it for them ‘cus they do not think for themselves. that’s why the divorce rate is so high ‘cus women make shitty choices based on what Hollywood says is “hot”... and the only thing that supersedes a man with a normal, full head of hair is when his wallet is thick, and/or he is rich AND famous. why do you think women are attracted to serial killers and the O.J. Simpson’s of the world?! they’re either rich or famous (in the news and in the spotlight). Nice guys do finish last and are NOT wimps and insecure, etc. A’holes, who women think are filled with that ever-so desirable trait, so-called” confidence, ARE NOT at all! there are thousands of convicted felons out there who have the confidence of 100 men each!

get used to the truth and get out of your denial!

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@itsme Um, welcome to Fluther. Hrm. You seem to have a bit of a chip on your shoulder, and a lot of bitterness. You might want to get a handle on that.

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hi augustlan!

thanks for your response! it is appreciated… really!

are you male or female! just curious!

anyway…i didn’t mean to insult you.. but if you went through what i’ve had to go through, you’d have a bit of a chip on your shoulder, too. if women lost hair on the scale that men do, suicide would be endemic in this materialistic, image-driven soceity. and that’s the truth. after all, “clothes make the man! what a bunch of shit!

i was a “so-called” successful professional working in the Silicon Valley back in the mid 80’s… and I was constantly made fun of by men and women, because of my hair loss (diffuse thinning and receding). I was downright ugly! Whereas, when i had a full head of hair, i was requested to do a photo-shoot (i’m not lying and i ‘aint bragging… but facts “is” facts!) for a popular women’s mag. i turned it down for personal & moral reasons. I had no problem in attracting women… none!

then, “a funny thing happened on the way to hair loss”... i was rejected, stood up constantly… you name it! and I KNEW it was ‘cus of big-time hair loss! without a doubt! nothing about me (I’m considered by those who know me as to be very loving, caring and kind and (oh yes! the big “C” word women “say” they love… “communicative”... all that bullstuff women “say” they are attracted to (NOT!)).

basically, nothing changed about my inner-self and outside self, with the exception of the location of my hairline and the density, or lack thereof… that’s it! I observed totally physically repulsive looking men; intellectual mental midgets who are not “funny as hell” and who do not, and will never have (POSSESS), an ounce of TRUE love or compassion and passion within any fiber or composition contained within their fugly-ugly, puny/fat/grotesque bodies (not to mention their very non-descript looking faces). these guys are cognizant of the fact that they have a full head of hair (or have lots of money), they can basicaly get away with murder and still be adored.

i may have mentioned, previously, that women always invoke the names of balding celebrities (i.e. Bruce Will, Sean Connery, et al.)... but these guys are “movie stars” with a shit-load of money. Trust me… if they were, god forbid, “WallMart” associates, no woman would give them the f’ing time of day… NO WAY!

alright… I do tend to pontificate and be a bit histrionic. But now, I have a full head of hair. Back in 2001, after 15 years of having to wear a f’ing hair piece, my Mom asked to see what i looked lik in my natural state… I ripped off the hair piece and she literally gasped saying, “oh my gawd! you’re deformed!” and i was! Bottom line… she offered to pay for hair transplant surgeries, which accepted! It has changed my life for the technology is so FANTASTIC today. I go back into the ocean and do everything i used to do, but stopped doing ‘cus of the ever-so painful effect of hair loss. Yeah… i’ve got my limbs, but women who espouse that line of stupid thinking are hypocrites. they’d be crying in their pretzels if they lost just a couple of hairs It’s amazing, Augustlan!

so…you bet, I’m bitter. you would be too… “if it happened to you”!

God Bless you and take care!


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@itsme My husband had a lame, thick hair style, coke bottle glasses, crooked teeth and was wearing a Dixon lawn mower cap when I first laid eyes on his cute IT geek behind. He now has little hair. Hair was never the reason I was attracted to him…NEVER!

i wouldn’t of cared if he had none! and I doubt he’d have cared if I had none

Hair has little or nothing to do with your issue. Personality is everything!

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To my way of thinking, the person who is too wrapped up in looks is going to be disappointed, sooner, if not later. To believe that all ones problems are wrapped up in how much hair they have, and then write such vitrolic answers on Fluther shows me there is a lot more here than hair.

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@itsme I am a woman. My ex-husband is completely bald. He has no trouble finding dates at all. He’s short, too! However, he’s a confident, successful man. Quite attractive, and he feels attractive. In fact, shaving off what little hair remained on his head improved his looks tremendously. My guess is that you were so self-conscious about your hair loss that your personality and self-worth changed because of it. I’m glad you feel better with hair, but believe me when I say it ain’t so for everyone.

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@itsme: Maybe there are deeper issues in your life than your lack of scalp hair. Think of what ills could generate real bitterness. Hair loss is pretty low on the list. Millions of men are bald, have happy private and professional lives; your mother’s attitude about that may be representative of other, more important problems in her parenting of you.

I was bald for a year due to chemo (I am woman), and my concern was the cancer and not the shiny scalp. No one’s attitude or behavior changed towards me.

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@all: He’s been removed from flutherdom.

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@gailcalled Thanks for the update!

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@all:He just sent me two really stupid PMs (and I’ve had some stupid ones). One mentioned that “I have poor eye site.”

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@gailcalled Blame it on the full moon! ;D

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@itsme is still here. Perhaps you meant @Halliburton_Shill?

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I lost my hairline in my 20’s and mostly these days (im 30 now) i see some really hot chicks digging me. I think a mans confidence and personality come through even more when youre bald. The skin on your head matches the expressions of your face. in some ways, it amplifies them. So if youre a comedian, love kids, people, yourself, etc… some chicks are breaking a sweat when youre a good looking bald man and arent giving a sh*t how shallow people think about you. But I have noticed heavy girls think im bald they have a chance. Maybe because bald white dudes might remind them of a twinkie.

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Hi. Okay people, get ready for a wake up call….I agree that a man’s confidence in himself definitely plays a role. I believe that when it’s true love, then none of it matters one way or another….but that’s not what we are discussing here are we. The question is “HOW MUCH DISCRIMINATION IS THERE AGAINST BALD PEOPLE?” Well, statistically there is a rediculous amount of irresponsible media responsible for teaching our youth that all natural balding is unattractive and not beautiful. Well, there were 111 million people (yes the largest audience of all time) who laughed at a Super Bowl Commercial by Pepsi Max “I wonder if he’ll lose his hair….” then take a look at her expression, as if that’s such a bad thing. My god people, it’s not like we were doing it to ourselves, it’s an all natural sexy occurrance. In my opinion you are lucky ladies if it happens to your man, and we realize everyone deserves their own opinion. But to push your opinion on 111 million people is discrimination, it’s irresponsible, and hands down, I think it’s time we do something about it! There are many occurrances of such blatent derrogatory remarks towards balding men in places where it is completely innappropriate, teaching the younger generations that a balding young man is unattractive. If you chose to believe that there ISN’T much discrimination against bald people then you are blind, only fueling the fire, and basically lieing to yourselves. I am balding, have been for years. I love myself and the world around me…but i notice the comments, the looks and the “he’s so cute, too bad he lost his hair” type comments. It’s learned behavior, not necessarily the truth. Indoctrined beliefs set in motion by irresponsible Media Gods. It’s in the same category as the “So skinny when I stand sideways and stick out my tongue I look like a zipper” models in beauty magazines. It’s rediculous. Just saying. Like my wife likes to say “Honey, God was good to you, gave you a handsome face and room for another one.” GOD BLESS!

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I think this is like the blind men feeling the different parts of the Elephant and concluding its 5 different animals. Personality is important..very important. Force of personality can allow you to win over people against the odds. IT cannot however give an extra side to a 6 sided die. ITs naive to think that our attitudes towards baldness are just brainwashing by the media. There is a possibility that a receding hairline, on some level connotes ill-health. This could of course be drowned out by more positive cultural messages, so the culture has a lot to answer for. Most beautiful women you will see do not have thick haired youthful adonis’s on their arms. All other things being equal, in most cases being bald is a minus point on a general. Ask a woman a question about this when there are no men around whose feelings could be hurt or women who might judge..and you will get the honest answer. But as someone pointed out above, people love excuses, and people are in danger of blaming their thinning hair for all thats made them bitter and unhappy. I also dont want to dismiss the guys claims that attitudes towards them have changed, although they might be biased because of insecurity, id say theres at least a nugget of truth in it. In the scheme of things it is somewhat trivial, but i dont want to dismiss it, I guess all I can offer is that having a thinnig hairline might make a woman think twice, being bitter and resentful will make her mind up completely. Best of luck.

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