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Can I patch a leaky windshield with caulk? Tips and suggestions?

Asked by Comeau (1points) November 13th, 2007

1991 Subaru Legacy. When it rains, water drains in from the top of my windshield, pooling and dripping down onto the steering wheel and passenger side. I want to avoid replacing entire windshield if possible, since it is undamaged. Is there a liquid caulk I can squeeze around the rim to prevent moisture getting in? Any application tips?

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I would have one of the windshield replacement companies pull and reset it for you. Since the windshield is still good there really shouldn’t be much cost except labor. I know they can pull the windsield without damaging it.

I suppose if you really wanted to try it yourself use clear silicone sealant from your local hardware store not caulk. This may or may not work very well, depends upon whether or not the silicon can adhere properly to the area in question. They make tubes that don’t require a separate gun to apply.

Good Luck!

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