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Is there a hulu for the iphone?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) March 30th, 2009 from iPhone

Hulu is awsome but is there a website or app with the same concept?

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well, hulu itself doesn’t work on the iphone. i believe it has to do with flash.

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Hulu is run by the companies that show videos on it. They all cooperate to make it.

It uses Flash.

The iPhone does not support flash. This is an Apple decision.

The cynical side of me says this is so we will buy episodes we can see for free on Hulu from the iTunes store where they are sold.

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There was an official app… but then they severely crippled and finally removed it.

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@EmpressPixieyour cynical side sounds a lot like my realistic side

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@EmpressPixie except they have no problem with you watching any videos you want on your iPhone, through the iTunes software. You can rip a DVD or download Flash videos from YouTube or other sites with software that will convert it for use on the iPhone. If they really didn’t want any other content on their they would only let you play content that had the iTunes DRM on it and nothing else. They also wouldn’t let you watch YouTube videos on the iPhone easily.

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But YouTube doesn’t present the same commercial challenge that Hulu does. YouTube content is clips, not full episodes. And sometimes even the clips are removed. Whereas, Hulu is freely giving away exactly what iTunes is trying to sell you.

I think they know there is a limit that people just won’t take and are walking that line.

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