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How to negotiate a better deal on an appartment.

Asked by cherget (1points) November 19th, 2007

i live in boson and am looking to move out from the dorms of lasell college. I know its rather expenive in this area. Im just wondering if there is a way to save some cash.

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You can always try to negotiate a lower rent, but apartment rentals in the greater Boston area are a seller’s market, so it’s unlikely to get you anywhere.

Your best bet is probably to find roommates you can live with to rent the apartment together.

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Unfortunately, supply and demand will prevail on this one, as it does in all of the high rent cities. If you don’t rent it at that price, someone else will.

A landlord may be even willing to hold out for a month or two with it not rented, because annually, they’ll lose more money if they rent it to you for less. I’m speaking from some experience. I thought I was slick enough to negotiate in the Seattle area, and was very quickly put in my place.

Someone else may have had a different experience in a different city, but I think you should give up hope on negotiating in Boston. Check Craig’s List for other renting options.

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Both the above responses are correct, but you could try for an apartment a little ways outside the city and let the landlord know you’re a college student and would like to know if there’s any way you could work something out as far as possibly lowering the rent.

Hope this was at least a little bit of help.

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Yes once I got reduce rent for helping a lady( she had MS) she became my best friend as well so It might help both of you, if you willingness to do or help with domestic things is an option.

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