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Anyone experienced succssful arbitration from a collection agency?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12598points) April 2nd, 2009

If so do you have any tips on how to respond to an arbitration claim?

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The arbitrator will be owned by the collection agency. Statistics say you don’t stand a chance.

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Arbitration generally blows. Good luck!

Visit the Consumerist and read their stuff on arbitration. They’ve got a TON of articles on it and should have some tips. Warning: they may also make you feel miserable.

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@EmpressPixie Thanx for the link. Already feel horrible.

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You would do better to stand your ground. If it’s already gone to an agency because the original creditor has given up on the debt, the longer you hold them off, the more likely they are to settle for less. I won’t ask about why or if you owe the money; that’s your business.

If you have instructed the agency not to contact you by telephone, you’re halfway home. They rely on pressure and intimidation, and taking the phone away effectively pulls their teeth.

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@IchtheosaurusRex Good tips. I have instructed them, formally, to not call me at home but they do it anyways. I am just upset because we were paying regularly, just couldn’t quite meet their payment standards.

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Oh! They can’t do it anyway. There’s definitely a Consumerist article about that. Be right back.

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@EmpressPixie See I didn’t send it certified mail. I guess that is a prerequisite. Although when I have dealt with this before it did work beautifully even without certified mail (for my school loans).

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Ah, yes. If you don’t, they can claim they never got it. Send it again. Certified.

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