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Guys, what do you like when your with a girl?

Asked by Nicole18 (108points) April 4th, 2009

So there’s this guy that i’ve known for years, we’ve flirted for a long time.. but now i like him and im trying to flirt but how do i show him i want us to get together instead of just being friends with out telling him.

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what do you mean by “doesn’t work” ?
what happens when you try?

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See? Words can NOT truly express your problem. Best to show me “first hand” (hehehe).

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Are you trying to be intimate and he can’t, um… respond? Or do you mean more like flirting?

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Under what situation did you try this? Was he intoxicated in any manner? Were you actually engaged in sexual activities, or were you trying to get his attention in the first place? Are you 100% sure he’s straight?

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Like i told you. A lot of guys don’t like it when you snap a mousetrap over their penis.

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also.. can i ask: why do you like him? why him?

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see this is what I don’t understand…

if a girl doesn’t turn a guy on, it’s assumed the guy has some kind of problem… not saying you in specific but come on people.

that said, I can’t help ya, I know what I like, but all guys are different…

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What we may like my not be what he will like, sorry you are on you’ve own.

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@Likeradar @ninjacolin @TitsMcGhee
We’ve know eachother for years. We flirt alot. But how can i really get him to know im not just flirting like we have been for awhile. I want him to get the idea that i want him. But i don’t want to tell him. I’ve been with guys before.
Im sure he’s not gay.

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bah just kiss him, pull him into some secluded area, being assertive is something that I’ve always found sexy, and I know a lot of other guys would agree.

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And maybe you better cool it with hammering nails in his testicles. He may be sensitive. It’s genetic.

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Na I would be freaked out.

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sounds like you’re in his friends zone.
are you sure you are his type?

maybe you should just ask him: “why don’t we date?”

he’s probably confused by the years of flirting. so i suspect that more flirting alone won’t trigger a new feeling in him. you have to do something else.. like talk about it.

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You’re going to have to make a move at some point if you want things to go further after all this time. Find a way to make a small bit of contact (casually touch his arm or knee or hug him, something like that), and if he responds well, do similar things more often until you feel comfortable enough to go in for a kiss. At that point, I’m guessing you will have no problem turning him on.

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I had a friend for several years, and she had made it clear at the beginning that she was not wanting a relationship at the time, and I got used to the idea that nothing would ever happen (it was safer that way). Eventually, we both dated other people. We even lived together as roommates. One night, she brought me dinner at work. As she was leaving, we hugged and gave each other a quick peck as we often did. As we parted, she had a funny look in her eyes and we didn’t let go of each other, but came back for a long passionate kiss. We were engaged a week later.

I can’t recall who pulled the other back first, but I am sure it was the look in her eye that did it for me. Give him that look sometime when you’re close enough for a kiss.

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“Do you think, like, maybe… we could go out on a real date, sometime? You know? Like a date date? I mean, only if you’re into it, of course.”

It lets him know where you’d be willing to go, if he wants to, too, but doesn’t put so much pressure on him that saying no is that horrible.

Why do I feel like Cyrano de Bergerac?

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When they know the difference between your and you’re.

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“So i want to turn on this guy,...”
Do you plan to follow through or are you just planning to frustrate him? Are you old enough to legally follow through? Maybe he knows better.
Cool it.

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Do that purring thing on his earlobe. If that doesn’t make a little light bulb go off in his head then nothing will. Or maybe thats too specific…maybe thats just something I like…err, try it anyway…

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Ask him on a date and tell him you are interested in being with him more. A relationship is only as good as the honest communication between the partners. You cannot have a good relationship if you expect him to read your mind, because it’s not going to happen. Ask for what you want and watch out for those romantic notions about flirting.

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tell him you want to create more history per week with him. :D

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just tell him

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@Lupin I’m 20 years old. And yes i do plan to follow through.

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I know this is going to sound weird but I love womens’ femeninity.When my female friend spends the night I am intrigued at all the trouble and fuss they go through just to be presentable to a guy.The application of make-up,the choosing of outfits,the worry of their hair appearance,the endless things women do that just come natural to them and make me thank GOD,I am a man.

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No guessing games. If you have something to say. Don’t try to send the message with your mind and through body language…just say it.

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@ShauneP82 That would be nice,but most women believe we are suppose to know them as they know us,so we should already know what they are thinking,like they know what we think.

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Ahhhhh! I know man. Thats the thing that drives me nuts. They don’t know us typically. sighs and drops head

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Your best bet is to just tell him love. ;)

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Grab his crotch. They seem to really like that.

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