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What contraceptive has worked best for you?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) April 5th, 2009

im thinking about switching my birth control to seasonale so i’ll only have 3 periods a year, or maybe yaz, so that my pms isnt so terrible.

what are your opinions? what kind to you use? do you like it? did you gain weight?

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The best contraceptive my husband and I found was a vasectomy. Neither one of us suffered any unwanted side effects.

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ugh. toooo young for that. im gonna want kids someday, no need in chancing it!

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*they worked for me

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abstinence. HA! good joke.

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Not the shot! I mean, you’ve got a chance of your periods going away all together which is nice, but you’ve got an equal if not better chance of gaining like 20 pounds and getting a weeks long drip.

Not fun.

I’ve heard really great things about the patch and the ring.

Do you get migraines?

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Serious answer: still looking. The Pill made me crazy and pre-diabetic. As soon as I went off of it, I stopped having wild mood swings and I could go without eating for 4 WHOLE HOURS without becoming dizzy and nauseated. Now, I don’t have to carry a snack with me everywhere just so I won’t pass out. My doctor just told me it was because I was fat.. so I lost 70 lbs and I was still having diabetic symptoms, and they just shrugged and told me I was imagining things because my blood suger levels “weren’t that high”.

Came off the pill… now I’m normal.

I’ve heard great stuff about the copper IUD. We plan to have kids soon, so our protection is oral sex. But after birthing, I’m gonna get an IUD.

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sometimes, usually just bad cramps and i become a big bitch or a sob. no shot for me. ive also heard terrible stories!

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Yeah, I’d avoid the can make you break out a lot. Plus, many people believe it can cause PCOS.

I’ve never tried any birth control, other than the shot, that stopped my period. Seasonale sounds like a good option for you. I think I’ve tried Yaz (that’s just a regular pill, right?)
I always liked Ortho Tri Cyclen, or Estro-Step, both pills

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I was on the ring for a while- best hormonal contraceptive I’ve ever used. You just stick it in and leave it for 3 weeks. You can pretty much never feel it either, and in my experience he can’t either.

I went off it and switched to the diaphragm and condoms because my body is super sensitive to hormones. I’d get awful headaches when the ring wasn’t in, and pills made me hyperemotional and fat. But for most people, I think the ring would be a great choice,

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I use regular birth control pills (Alesse) and use them continuously (without the week of dud pills) for three months at a time, then stop for one week to have a period. This was done at my doctor’s suggestion. Without being on the pills my periods are completely random and varied in pain/length, essentially unmanageable. I’ve used the NuvaRing for a bit and went back to using the pills, so I’d say they work very well.

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see i have a tilted cervix, so i dont know how comfortable it would be…

the ring

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Do you have a retroverted uterus? I’m not familiar with tilted cervix, but I googled and a lot of things for retroverted uterus came up.
I have a retroverted uterus, and I didn’t have issues with the Ring. But, I didn’t like the ring because my husband could feel it during sex, and it would rub against me inside, causing irritation. It’s good in theory, but wasn’t for me.

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a retroverted uterus causes a tilted or ‘tipped’ cervix. i think
mmm ill pass on the ring then too.

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A family member, whose husband has had a vasectomy, just discovered that, at 45, she was pregnant. Even the doctor was shocked.

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@gailcalled: I would think the husband would be most surprised. Yiiiiiiiikes.

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unless it wasnt the husband

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They discussed the infidelity issue and knowing them, I would swear it was a super-healthy wayward sperm of the husband’s.

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haha, some are just more motivated i guess. SUPER SPERM!

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Pulling out lol. He’s getting a vasectomy soon though.

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My daughter who is super sensitive to hormones swears by the IUD. My other daughter tolerates the pill fine. I was just a baby making machine. As my mom used to say, “all a man has to do is hang his pants on the foot of my bed and I get pregnant.” I had a tubal ligation at 24 after 3 beautiful kids.

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@Facade i’m shocked your boyfriend would get a vasectomy. if you are the one that doesn’t want children, why don’t you get essure ?

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For permanent birth control… Essure.

A friend of mine just got it done. In short, by going in through the vagina and cervix, they insert coils, springs into the fallopian tubes, which cause that section of the fallopian tube to scar over and seal shut. Regular checkups make sure that the scars take hold, and once they’re secured… they’re secured. No going back.

When she went in for the follow up, they put… some kinda ink into her uterus, so it showed up glowy on an ultrasound, then had her roll from side to side. When the ink didn’t backflow into her tubes, they knew she was good to go.

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OHH @casheroo. Beat me to the punch! That’s what I get for not scrolling up to see who got a post in before me. :)

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@basp That’s what we did, too. :-)

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@casheroo Don’t be shocked. Neither of us want kids.

And about Essure, I don’t want to have any procedures done.

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Aspirin works fine. Simply hold it between your knees. Or you can wear a Janet Reno mask.

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again, if i didnt want to have sex, why would i be asking a question reguarding CONTRACEPTIVES?

i WANT to have sex, just not BABIES for now

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Okay then… In that case condoms. Protects against STD’s as well.

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Having sex with women has always worked for me. =)

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@tinyfaery this is wise advise, cant say ive never considered it, buuut i like guys too much.:(

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I’m not sure about the contraceptive part, I’m still a virgin. But, I’m on Loestrin b/c I have PCOS and have had very few problems with it besides some pretty bad cramping in the first month. Also, if you have insurance, there is a generic form of Loestrin. My co-pay every month is only twelve dollars.

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I have only ever used condoms, and find them to be ideal for me. I don’t like the thought of hormonal contraceptives interrupting with my system.

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For the first half of my sexually active life, I used a diaphragm and jelly; for the second half, we used condoms. It seemed fair and worked.

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@A_Beaverhausen : After being chased by monkeys all day you really care about sex?

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@gailcalled- What are you going to use in your third half?

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@a. beaver: you are a goddess

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I use Lybrel and I love it. I haven’t had any issues with it at all, plus I have no periods!

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I spent some time at a day care center; it solved the whole wanting kids urge.

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@A_Beaverhausen – I know with Yaz my best friend uses it they were looking for very specific issues to use it for her. She does have PMDD – not just bad PMS, like super duper, ultimate evil PMS. She is physically ill, monthly, when she is not taking this. There is a difference – I don’t know the defining line, but there is a difference. My daughter is starting it this month. PMS is not the “few” days, it is at least a full week if we are lucky, she gets very ill, and is completely miserable. It’s not, “Pop a Midol and take a warm shower to help you feel better.” For her, it is full on misery, mood swings are so severe, we don’t know which if Sybil’s 23 personalities we will be seeing.

There is a different structure to Yaz, make sure it won’t be too strong for you.

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I forgot to mention that I had no problem with weight gain when I began taking Loestrin. I actually lost weight!

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What contraceptive has worked best for me? A broken condom. That’s when we had my daughter, and she wore us out so much we didn’t have the energy for sex.

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Well I used Ortho Evra or the patch for many years and it worked great. The only down side to it was the stickyness it left behind after taking it off. I just switched to Mirena which they actually implant inside of your cervix. It lasts for 5 years but if sometime in the 5 years you want a baby you just go back to the doctor and they take it out. Oh and in case you wonderin how they do this its kind of like a tampon in thats the way they insert it just higher up in your cervix and when you want it out there is a very small string they pull on to get it back out. Dont worry your partner will not feel the string it is super small and thin so its not felt.

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