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What helpful links have you read that either support universal health care and/or revision in the current health care policy?

Asked by sndfreQ (11739points) December 1st, 2007

Or for that matter, defend current policy?

I recently saw Michael Moore’s film Sicko, and it really affected me, and revealed several of the realities of our country’s health care system.

One thing I side with him on is that I do believe the majority of citizens in this country are oblivious to many of the issues concerning our present system, and seeing his film has made me want to learn more about both sides of the argument.

I know that with the upcoming presidential elections it may be hard not to make this thread a platform for political discussion, but I am asking this question sincerely as a means to aid in my own personal research, not as a soap box.

Thanks in advance fellow flutherites :)

p.s. I have already read the previous thread on universal health care, but I think my question is slightly different than that last one.

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p.s.s. I know several flutherites live outside the U.S., but in true fluther spirit, I welcome anyone’s input on this one.

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From recent personal experience, my Med. D (drugs for seniors) plan premium has increased 100% for 2008. So that makes my SSS I get each month drop by 8%. Good thing that I planned ahead.

And this year for the first time, Medicare has the permission of the IRS to read all my tax information, including untaxable income, for which I am penalized. So much for being frugal…Luckily I will not yet have to sell pencils on Main st.

Medicare A and B (Dr. and hospital visits) also limit the number of physical therapy sessions per annum they will cover. So G*d help the old and infirm if they need PT in January and then again in Dec.

I pay for a Medigap policy at AARP and those premiums increase dramatically each year. I am certainly paying attention but do feel impotent. One decision I have made is to not take out long-term care insurance, but save the money monthly instead. It’s all a ripoff, and I still have a brain that works.

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I know I am bringing politics and a certain Presidential Candidate into it, but he was a doctor, so I think he knows a little more about health care and looks at it from the dr’s point of view rather than the insurance company or lobbyists POV.
If it is a problem, let me know and ill take it down.

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watch from 32 minutes on. it has excellent health care talk.

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