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What TV show would you recommend to an x-files fan?

Asked by noelasun (1894points) April 18th, 2009

I’ve made it through all the x-files seasons, and am prowling itunes for my next anti-productive splurge. Any suggestions?

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Well, if you want more X files related series, you can watch the lone gunmen..
Depends a bit on what you like..
Hard Sci Fi, thrillers, supernatural, conspiracy theories..

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You might like Supernatural.. Sort of a cross between X-files and Route 66 (old TV show from the 60s).

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Fringe is a good show….kind of similar….depends on what you liked most about X-Files….

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Supernatural is amazing, and Lost

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Have you ever seen “Outer Limits” or the new “Twilight Zone”? Those are both kind of similar.

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Fringe! It is the new X-files.

There was also that Chris Carter spin-off, Millennium. I watched a few episodes. It was pretty good.

Try Twin Peaks. It’s an old series done by David Lynch. It’s cool and creepy.

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I agree with Fringe. It’s the only show that comes close.

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