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When you are in that half-asleep state, what great thoughts have you thunk?

Asked by wundayatta (58706points) April 18th, 2009

I love that feeling of just about falling to sleep. Well, when I’m in bed, anyway. At work, it’s a pain. But when it happens, I feel like I’m floating in a special place where anything can happen. Sometimes I fall asleep and lose those thoughts. In fact, mostly, that’s what happens. But rarely, very, very rarely, I’ll remember something, and it is a very cool thought.

Do you remember anything from that time? Do you remember what it feels like?

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This is when I have my best ideas… at least that’s what I think at the time! Usually I completely forget them, but on the rare occasions I’ve remembered them I’m pretty disappointed in myself. Those ideas? They really aren’t that great. :(

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Oh I have great thoughts that turn out to be useless in the morning.
What I have found is that, for me, everything is more intense at night and in the morning in those half-sleep moments. Whatever it is I’m thinking about seems to be more powerful and more intense. This is great when I am in a brilliant mindset and horrible when I am feeling depressed.

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It’s my favorite rest time where the sweetest dreams usually begin, often times I hear someone talking to me or stroking my hair and other times I feel them lying beside me, breathing. Memory is a beautiful tool.

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I think it is cool you bring that up because if you look back at some very major breakthroughs in science they occurred or were created at that half sleep state. I know the benzene ring for one and the periodic table were brought to society at this half sleep state along with many other great scientists.

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I solved a programming issue I had. I got out of bed and wrote down the code. I used it in my application the next morning. It felt gooooood.

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In the half sleep state is when keith richards wrote Satisfaction

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My half sleep thoughts and visuals are abstract, but highly intense and vivid. I wouldn’t know how to begin describing them in words. There are images and feelings happening but it’s difficult to make sense of them. They’re not frightening, but very unusual compared to my normal dreams and waking life.

I usually go into this state when I’m on the train going to and from work. I can’t fall completely asleep lest I miss my stop but those 20 minutes are always interesting and actually precious to me. They are different every time.

The sensation is mostly visual. One vision such as riding on a train morphs into others such as riding on the outside of a spacecraft or becoming an earthworm burrowing through the earth at incredible speed. I’ve even dreamed of becoming a subatomic particle being accelerated to an imperceptible speed before becoming part of a larger machine or organism and integrating with that imperceptibly complex system of components. This is coupled with the real life components of my life such as events of my work day, thinking of how many stops I’ve come to before my stop is coming up.

My mind is sometimes a strange place.

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I’ll have what he’s having…

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I’ve grown accustomed to it the weirdness of my brain. It helps me when I’m making art.

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That’s always the time when I get that awful feeling like I’m falling and then I get startled and wake up…

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I love that falling feeling!

When I’m falling asleep I hear techno music. Always, without fail. If something wakes me up after it starts I can remember it, but it’s usually too complex to record.

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When I have the falling feeling, and I suddenly wake up, i feel like i just bounced off the mattress. So weird.

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Aww, I’ve come up with lots of stuff…I came up with my partner’s business name and a bunch of other things for his business

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I can never remember what I come up with. If I do I have to write it down right then. Usually it’s poems or stories or haikus.
Maybe a Fluther question :P

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That I could fly.
It didn’t work.

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I once got the “fabulous” idea to have a pet zit. Seriously! I thought it was the coolest idea!

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That delta, or whatever it is, alpha, beta; or awful state some use as a spring board for RV.

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When I had finally decided to write my very first story ever, I was obsessed with finding a last name for a character, something that I really liked but something that was uncommon, and then when I was in that half awake half asleep state I suddenly thought of it as one word: Launch. I still don’t even know why I like it so much, but I do. I didn’t even expect to remember it in the morning, even though hearing that one word and realizing what a perfect last name it’d be for my character startled me awake.

However last night I thought, “Floating kitty heads…”
Eh. You win some, you lose some.

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@electricsky I once had a dream about kittens with magnetic heads (really, just the very top of their heads). The mother cat would just dip her head down to pick them up, one by one. I woke up laughing.

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@augustlan: Oh wow. Just picturing that is making me giggle like crazy.

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half a-drifting just wake starting ideas like magical smoke of places unseen come unthought like clouds never hidden escape loose the way of choirs and dreams half hidden stony times and open sea of waking lost in fog thoughts of golden seemed so clear then when

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Can somebody give @Jeruba a nudge, please?

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@Jeruba That sounds a lot like the inside of my head when I’m trying to fall asleep, except you are more poetic. Mine is more concrete, but flowing from one thing to the next with little rhyme or reason… kind of a loose word association thing.

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getting laid would be nice rofl

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Lying in bed, when I am drifting off to sleep, I lull myself with the visions of flying fast and hard towards greatness. Full of myself, I suppose. I don’t spend enough time dreaming up the impossible, to my own detriment.

It’s 3:18am. There’s no time like the present. :)

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I usually think that tomorrow will be my last day at work. Then at night I’ll take whatever plane and I will start from scratch somewhere else.

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I have to make myself dream, to fall asleep. I have my best ideas when I’m actually asleep. I wake up remembering them, and would have many great books written…if I could continue to remember the ideas as I woke up. :(

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@electricsky That’s where the character for my short novella about the guy with hypertrichosis came from. I was just waking up, and I was still in the dream state, (I get more ideas waking up than I do going to sleep) when the words Tangor Bringerbinder came to mind. Awesome name, and it fit the character so well. With a bit of research, I found out that a Tangor is a type of fruit, and a Bringerbinder?, I have no idea.

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My best sketches and screeenplay ideas germinate at those times, probably because when I’m in that state, I’m not editing myself.

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All I remember is ‘am I asleep?’ Then I wake up…

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Why dont my eye lids close so i’ll have peace?

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I have out of body experiences.

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