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Do Google shareholders click on Adwords to increase their investment?

Asked by ideabrian (404points) December 6th, 2007

Everytime somebody clicks on a Google Adword (like the text ads you see on this site and many others) google makes a few pennies. What if 1,000,000 people click twice per day?

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How can I become one of those shareholders? I’d gladly work at home. I have a computer.

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As pointed out in the article, it is very difficult to prove click fraud, and moreover, there is a conflict of interest for Google and other search engines, who are the ones doing the detecting. However, I have a friend who works for the click fraud detection group at Google, and they certainly take it very seriously. It is to Google’s advantage to be diligent about defending against click fraud, as this makes their adwords program more attractive to advertisers.

Usually, the worst thing that could happen to you is having Google invalidate your clicks or ban your IP. But, there are potential moral issues as well, in my humble opinion.

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I didn’t mean as a click fraud activity, but given the choice between a paid search result and a natural search result, would I be more inclined to click on a paid result if I were (and am not) a goog (their stock code) shareholder.


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Well, using a paid search result instead of a normal one as a Google shareholder is no different from buying the products from a company of which you are a shareholder to.

But if you use some sort of bot to automatically click on paid listings and ads or go out of your way to repeatedly click those links, you could be exposed for click fraud by Google (probably nothing to serious).

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