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Why does my lawnmower leave brown lines in the lawn?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6834points) April 24th, 2009

It started doing this after a year. It’s a zero-turn with a 52 inch deck and leaves brown streaks (where the grass is dead after a few days) all through the yard. Sharpening the blades didn’t help.

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Time to change the diaper bag.

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How wide are the streaks? My first thought was that it might be leaking oil or gas.

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There is no bag, and the streaks seem to be under the tires or around them. You can clearly see each lap that was made in the yard.

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Moist soil? Leaving tire tracks? And damaging that area?

You could try alternating the route you take when you mow the lawn, but I bet it’s from damage. Having something big and heavy running over it doesn’t work well with plants of any kind.

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I’m sorry. I have to leave. I am going into a Potential Poop Joke Overload.

we refer to it as a ppjo at the meetings

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LMAO- Diaper bag, wide Streaks, moist soil, rust…I don’t know what you mean?

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What kind of grass do you have (if you know)? Some grass types are kind of wimpy, and don’t stand up well to abuse (lots of foot traffic, riding mower, etc), while other types are tougher.

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Do you have the blade set too low, cutting too short?

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Is it a sheep?

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@ratboyvery nice. leave it to the reader to figure it out.

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Hopefully my husband will figure it out from all of these ideas… thanks guys! Tonight I was driving home and randomly remembered the “poo” reference in this thread and burst out laughing.

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Is the ground especially damp? The moisture content in the soil and the grass is probably the culprit. And this would be clear as well by excessive grass clipping buildup on the tires of the mower.

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Hmmm I haven’t thought to look at the tires but I will next time for sure. Thanks!

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I don’t have any advice because my lawn does the same thing. I have centipede grass. I pay a guy to cut it. He uses a zero turn as well. Blades are not the issue. The brown streaks appear where the tires run. Lawn looks great for about 72 hours and then these streaks appear. It is driving me nuts!!!!

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