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Have you saved any of your childhood toys? Which?

Asked by Zen (7748points) April 29th, 2009

Side question: ever checked their price on e-bay, not that you’d sell it, eh, but just for fun?

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No, because my mom did not save them for me first. I wish I did have some though.

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Yes, almost all of them.
I mean, I don’t still have all of them with me but they’re still in the family at least, handed down to my younger cousins, and they would never get rid of them without checking with me first, and I would probably say no because I will keep them in case I have kids one day. I’ve kept most of my stuffed toys to myself though, they’re sitting on top of my wardrobe, and there are quite a few boxes from when we moved house that never got unpacked full of toys and games etc.
I’ve only looked up a couple of things on e-bay that still have tags or are in their packaging for some reason, none of which were worth very much. I might check again later haha.

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And i still play with them , but blame the kids for taking them out .
I still have an original action man with the original diving clothes, the fuzzy hair, and moving eyes.
Does any one remember on Ralph ?

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Just one. My stuffed animal dog, Barney. My son now carries him around.

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My mom saved my brother’s barney doll for sentimental reasons he loved that doll . . actually brought it to a wedding

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I saved a very few precious stuffed animals… all bears, most – oddly enough – named Oscar. All passed on to my daughters.

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My stuffed lion, fluffington

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My stuffed animal, Bluey (because he was blue). I thought of him as a dog, but he may have been a bunny. It’s hard to tell because I loved all the fur off of him and squeezed the stuffing into little lumpy balls. My mom had to sew him up several times. He’s now in a cedar chest, but, I swear, if my husband wouldn’t think I was crazy, I’d get him out and sleep with him (Bluey—I already sleep with my husband).

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I kept my stuffed bear named Ben. He isn’t a teddy bear, he’s a huge realistic looking bear. I got him for Christmas when I was two, and I used to lay on my tummy between his front paws to watch tv. I also slept with him, even though he took up almost the whole bed. When I got too big for both of us to fit in bed, he had to start sleeping on the floor. I also used to sit on his back so much that his front legs sag now and don’t really hold him up.

My kids have had a lot of fun with him, pretending to ride on his back. He’s looking so beat up that I finally put him in the attic. One of these days I’d like to have his stuffing “fixed” so he stands up well again!

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@Lothloriengaladriel Whoever gave her Lurve for this you need to take it back.

She is talking about MY childhood stuffed animal that my aunt gave me when i was like 2 years old. Its a stuffed lion with dreaded/shaggy hair (i wanted to give him a bath when i was younger) and missing 1 eye. His name is Fluffy not Fluffington.

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Yep. My Daisy BB gun.

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One. I still have my Rubik’s cube, which was probably one of the last toys I ever got at 13.

If I could’ve kept a toy, I probably would have kept my doll who was the same height as me when I was 4. If you held her hand, she walked with you! Or my Super Spirograph. I saw on eBay that the one I got when I was 8 or so is now worth about $100 intact.

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A few cuddly toys but that’s about it.

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I still have my original NES from my 8th birthday with most of my games. I am 27 now and it still works. Now I feel like playing some double dragon.

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I still have my Baby Tender Love – man that baby had great hair! I also have the first thing I ever bought for myself, a hand sewn bear I named Ted Edward Bear. Remember those stuffed animals from the 70’s that you sewed together? You would buy a piece of fabric that had the front and back of the animal printed on it, cut the pieces out, sew them together, and voila – a stuffed animal. Anyway I had one of those that was a blue koala bear I named Adeline, I still have that too.

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A Larry the Lion Mattel Chatter Pal from 1962. He still works and says all his sayings link

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I have a few things. A stuffed animal, a dog…one of my favorites. 2 Cabbage Patch dolls, I even have a leather jacket for one of them. And then some Barbie dolls, along with a lot of clothes my mom sewed for my Barbie. She was the best dressed Barbie ever.

I wouldn’t sell them ever, too nostalgic.

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I have my big baby doll that I got when I was 8 years old & had my tonsils out. Her name’s Patty. Still in her original pink outfit. She’s sitting right here in her rocking chair, looking at me now. I’d NEVER sell her. She’s my childhood baby.

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My mother made me throw out two of my security pillows (One had replaced the other) because I got very sick and my mother believed the pillows were “infected and disgusting”. (I had strep at one point, and scarlet fever at another) :(
She saved some things though. My husband still has his security teddy bear.
Fortunately, or possibly unfortunately, for my son..I’m a sentimental freak and save everything. He’ll have plenty of childhood toys when he’s older.

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Until recently I had my Leroy the Lion. The pull string was gone but still was in decent shape. Now I can’t find him. Also, somewhere I have a Sgt. Storm. He’s all that I have left from my Major Matt Mason toys.
Most of you have no idea what I’m talking about, right?

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Two stuffed animals- a tiny elephant, now threadbare and eyeless, and a lamb that used to have a music box inside.

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LEGOs, my stuffed eel, unicorns…

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Hey @AstroChuck Did you have the Monkey Division Bazooka by Mattel? I still have mine. “You can tell it’s Mattel – It’s Swell!”
It is not as much fun as the Daisy. My kids played with the Daisy. They’d go outside in the woods, shoot it until the 700 shot magazine was empty and come back for more BB’s.

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No. I never had guns. I did have a Matty Mattel doll though. I also had the robot from Lost in Space. He was about 2 1/2 feet tall and was remote control (but not wireless). That was pretty cool.

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Warning! Danger Will Robinson! I think his name was Robbie.
I grew up in a neighborhood were we all got BB guns when we were 8 to 10, and got our first .22 rifles when we were 11 or 12. It seems incredible now but on the days we had Riflery at school, we actually carried our guns on the school bus and kept them in our lockers. Of course they were in zippered gun cases and had to be unloaded but still! Can you image that today?! Guns were a normal thing. I guess they were supposed to protect us from the Ruskies. I’m talking >40 years ago.

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Robbie was the robot from Fantastic Planet. The Lost in Space robot was just Robot.
My next door neighbor had a bb gun. I was pumping it up one time and the damn mechanism snapped back on my finger. My fingernail got all blackened and eventually fell off. That’s my only experience with a bb gun.

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@AstroChuck He did say “Danger Will Robinson didn’t he?”

By the way, my wife still has the Marlin 39 rifle she got for her 12th birthday! It’s worth a lot. Clearly a better investment choice than my “201k”.

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My brother used his bb gun to “kill” all his Star Wars guys when he started collecting GI Joes instead.

We have quite a few of my husband’s childhood toys around. Our kids inherited a huge tub of Legos, along with a lot of Star Wars figures and ships.

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my legos! until they were given away to a church by my dad without even telling me :/

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Oh, I forgot. I still have all my Matchbox cars. These aren’t the same cheap Chinese-made cars you find at Toys R Us today. When I was a kid Matchbox cars were made in England and came in a matchbox. They were pretty sturdy too. Not cheap like Hot Wheels.

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I still have my Fisher Price little people from the 70s. My daughter plays with them all the time. I have the house, school bus and merry-go-round with about 15 of the little (wooden) people. I also have the old xylophone that you can pull around the house that makes noise when you pull it. That one is great to have around the house when you have a terrible headache.~

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Forget the red rider my favorite gun was the red river. Do you guys remember Johnny Eagle Guns? They were ultra realistic plastic bullet shooting little boys dreams.

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@AstroChuck, my cousin and I have some good old matchbox cars too, I’m not sure who’s they were before they were ours though, cause I’m sure you couldn’t buy good ones like that when we got them. We used to build huge cities that would fill a whole bedroom out of building blocks and anything else we could find and drive the cars around the roads.

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Hi everyone – been busy and haven’t been here in ages!
Re. this question: I’m glad it inspired some thought and replies – my mom gave me a few of my childhood toys – fisher price stuff, g.i. joe, etc. and it inspired this q.


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