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Candy Smoking Kids?

Asked by Triiiple (1356points) April 29th, 2009

I just turned my head to the television (on the News) and they were previewing a story about kids Snorting and Smoking some small white candy.

Has anyone seen news on this? They had videos of it and all.

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I haven’t seen it but it makes me think of when we’d buy some candy cigarettes at the Pic Quik and my grandma would burn the end with her cigarette lighter so it looked like it had ashes on it. Nobody thought anything about it and we thought we were cool. Wonder why I smoke now? lol

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If it were April 1st, I’d feel a lot more comfortable about this story. I wonder why they don’t powder it up and snort it?

Seriously, imagine what problems these kids must have if they are this desperate to get a high (or a headache).

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@daloon I’d be willing to give them a headache and they wouldn’t have to grind up anything and smoke it. I’d use a ball peen hammer. : P

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Just saw the commercial again and got to the site.

Kids Take to ‘Smoking’ Smarties Candy

Doctors say that smoking Smarties can lead to coughing, infections or, in rare cases, maggots entering kids’ noses to feed on the dust residue, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Eric Ostrow, vice president of sales and marketing for Smarties manufacturer Ce De Candy, Inc., put it more simply: “It’s just dumb.”

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When I was young we used to rub chalk onto a piece of paper then roll it up and breath it in… I think that might have been even worse then smoking..

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@Melonking what did this do for you? I’ve never heard of breathing chalk

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@knitfroggy I’m not very shore.. people just seemed to do it..

Edit: Just testing it again there (not actually berthing it in) it has an odd earthy taste.. still don’t see much in it.

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@Melonking: How does one berth powder in? Do you mean “breathe”?

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I don’t think they’re supposed to be breathing it in. I watched a video on YouTube last week where a kid showed how to “smoke” Smarties, when really he was gathering the “smoke” in his mouth and blowing out the powder. He did exhale through his nose, though, and reading the above… bleh!

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This shit is faker than jenkem.

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I used to buy fake cigs of white paper?? that had red flecks on the ends. You’d blow into one and the flecks would shoot out. These you couldn’t eat. And they were for kids.

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Smoking Smarties? Really? I may have snorted a line or two of sweet n low in detention as a kid to annoy teachers but this is out of hand haha.

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