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How do I calculate residual renal function?

Asked by BCarlyle (387points) April 30th, 2009

This is in reference to acute renal failure and dialysis. I have data on the volume of dialysate, serum creatinine concentration, urine volume, urine creatinine concentration and body surface area.

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This paper states ” the standard method of quantifying residual
renal function is by 24 h urine collection, calculating
GFR as the mean of urea and creatinine clearance
and normalizing to 1.73 m2 surface area. This method
has been the most well studied in advanced renal
failure both before starting dialysis and after starting
CAPD [22]. ”

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to make it a bit easier… i would try this.
Hope it works for you!

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:) Thank you @Dr_C. Even old questions bring on valuable information!

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