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The average woman, over her life, will have 110 of what?

Asked by extolsmith (440points) December 14th, 2007

This was a call in question on a radio station, but I never did hear the answer.

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Unsightly blemishes?

Teary-eyed realizations that she’s turned into her mother?

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colds? broken hearts? pairs of pantyhose?

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miscarriages misperceived as heavy periods? tiny heart attacks misperceived as sucked-up moments of loneliness? Thanksgiving, Christmas dinners and seders prepared by herself with no help from family members? Birthday parties given by her, minus birthday parties given FOR her? bras? bottles of nail polish that dry up before she remembers to use them? orgasms without the use of vibrators? no, that would be too lucky.

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lovers/sexual partners.

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Rock on ava!

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Judging from the women I know it’d either be 110 different cell phones or 110 minor car accidents.

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The 110 number could be the number of eggs they produce in their lifetime from puberty until menopause.

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Don’t think so, doscrash. That average would be more like months/year x fertile years, so maybe 12×30 = 360 or more.

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Crushes, flying dreams, episodes of mistaken identity, trips to a mysterious destination, second thoughts, fantasies about the apocalypse, bouquets of flowers delivered to her doorstep, glasses of champagne…

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Cakes, if you’re mdy.

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Female (human) ova

“Women are born with a finite number of eggs. At birth, a
woman has around 1 to 2 million eggs. However, throughout her life, a
woman loses eggs through a destructive process called atresia. At
puberty, only around 400,000 eggs remain. Throughout the reproductive
life span, from puberty until menopause, women lose about 1,000 eggs each
month. Of these thousand eggs, only one is released. Once released, it is
picked up by the fallopian tube…etc”

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In the category of “we are still learning stuff about biology, ” it turns out—gailcalled—that they now think that a woman’s eggs are made during her lifetime, and there is not a finite number. And we were all told differently.

About 110, how about birthdays—if she is healthy! And this would be average in in the year 2050 on—if there is still an environment.

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@skfinkel: is that true? Do you have data? Fascinating.

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I was going to point to Woman, In Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier, but her description is the way we were told previously. (A great book, by the way.) This notion about the eggs is very new stuff, and I will try and find out the source. I probably read it in the NY Times.

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110 enumerated ways the men in her life continue to disappoint her.

This comes from a comment made by the opposing party in a divorce case. After I had taken her deposition, she was leaving my office with her attorney. Just before she walked out the door, she turned to my client (her husband) and said, “every day you find new ways to disappoint me,” then walked out in a huff.

After she left, I turned to my client and said, “I’ve got to hand it to you, that must take a lot of effort to keep your marriage fresh like that. I just keep repeating the same old ways to disappoint my wife. We may as well just number them.”

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woah.. thats a lot of offspring.
maybe if shes a sea turtle. or a spider.

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Or a Catholic.

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Is that all?”

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I’m hoping it’s NOT orgasms cuz that seems like an unfair and very low number.

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Hey I’m doing what I can to bring up that average…

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Well, maybe you need to try harder.

and maybe recruit some friends?

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