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What Christmas event or activity has meant the most to you? How did it effect you or change you?

Asked by ironhiway (1367points) December 16th, 2007

Christmas means a lot of different things to different people. vacation, religious, volunteering, family, etc.

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We have a radio station in Albuquerque that plays commercial free Christmas music during the season, which I enjoy listening to but mainly it makes me feel good knowing that anyone with a radio can have really good Christmas music for the holidays.

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It has always been the time spent with relatives. Not the gifts or the meals but the laughing and playing and chasing with the kids.

And the music. I love the music. I wish they had the 24/7 option when I was little.

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Early in our marriage we were very young and very poor and we could not afford to buy nice presents for each other. We agreed that we would only give homemade gifts or something under $10 that year. I made a card for my husband and found a nice stereo really cheap at a thrift store. But he outdid me. It snowed heavily for 3 days before Christmas. On Christmas eve, the sky cleared and there was a full moon. DH got up at 4 am and snuck into the backyard where he stamped out the words “MERRY CHRISTMAS DARLING” in large letters in the snow. From my second-story bedroom window, I could read this message when I woke. Then he handed me his small wrapped gift to me. Inside was my wedding ring (I had removed it because my fingers were swollen due to pregnancy). A note attached said “I would marry you again tomorrow! I am forever yours!”

For the past 17 years each Christmas eve wehave the tradition of “stealing” each other’s wedding rings. We wrap them up creatively, and “re-give” them in our stockings with love notes. It might sound corney, but this is one of my favorite gifts of Christmas!

Every Christmas I am reminded of the great gift my husband is to me. Our marriage has brought great sorrows and great joys. Two beautiful children joined us. We experienced several moves and career changes. We made many friends, and underwent a lot of difficult experiences. Through it all, we have been together. Side-by-side. Christmas is a perfect time to remember the gifts we enjoy that money can never buy.

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