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Is road rage getting out of hand?

Asked by chyna (43936points) May 5th, 2009

I was coming up on a 4 way stop sign and another woman was coming up on the sign to my right at exactly the same time. I admit, I actually did a rolling stop, and if I remember my driving rules correctly, she should have gone first. But let me say, there was no close call, nothing remotely like that. But for the next TWO MILES she honked her horn, gave me the bird and when she finally turned off, screamed something I couldn’t hear out of the window. Let’s assume it wasn’t “have a nice day.” Wasn’t this a little over the top? I was actually afraid that she could pull a gun on me.

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haha, oh my god, what a spaz.

That seems quite excessive. I get pissed and may tailgate for a minute, but I usually fear actually rear ending them, so I let up. I may give them the finger, or roll my window down and yell. But, it’s not something I feel devoted to do for more than a minute lol.
I’ve had some people follow me for a while, because they felt I should have turned left during a red light, and I refused to. They flipped out on me and followed me for a while. I was actually starting to get scared. People overreact far too much.

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People aren’t too bad where I live. Sure they’re terrible drivers but I have yet to receive any comments out windows or birds flipped in my direction. Personally, I am a silent road rager(?). When you cut me off or drive two inches from my bumper, I probably just look like I’m singing a song. Little do you know I’m actually insulting you, your mother, and your dead brother! Some of the things that come out of my mouth scare the heck out of me, I seriously become another person.

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Road rage has always been out of hand. Drivers need to be taught how to let it go. Life is too short to get caught up in trying to train other people how to be polite on the road. Raging at them doesn’t make them change, anyway. If anything, it makes them worse.

Sometimes I don’t see someone in my blind spot, and I try to change lanes when I shouldn’t. I’m not deliberately cutting someone off. I’m sorry I didn’t see you. Sometimes people cut me off, or weave in and out of traffic, or shoot a yellow light, or do all kinds of weird stuff. I’m not a cop. I don’t want to be bothered being angry. It just takes time off my life. It’s not easy to do, but I’ve found the more I just let it go, the easier it gets.

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oh. sorry. this is the information superhighway.

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CTRL+C @daloon, CTRL+V, enter. In other words, I couldn’t have said it better.

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How can you NOT get angry when somebody almost causes a wreck. I guess the reason I get so mad is because I am a very alert driver. I am constantly looking in my mirrors and accessing what is going on around my vehicle. Sure, everybody misses a car in their blind spot every now and again, but when somebody deliberately speeds up so you can’t change lanes, or drives right on your tail, they are just asking for it!

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It is not “getting” out of hand, it IS out of hand. It is one thing to get angry over STUPID, but a taotal different thing to do ANYTHING that can cause a distraction or endanger someone in any way. People do make stupid mistakes (me included) but that is not cause for the recipent of stupdity to endager anyone. ( no I do not always practice what I preach but that does not make me right. I like to wave at people with just one finger. Maybe I should stop.)

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Yep, they are out of hand and they have been out of hand. There are some jackasses that just don’t care about anyone or anything else – _they_are the most important people and cars on the road; however, there are others that just make mistakes – careless, but mistakes. To see a person start honking their horn, weaving in and out, just to “show how ticked” they are…scary. That person is an ass and shouldn’t be on the road.

People are killed because of this. Life is wasted. It’s very out-of-hand.

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Hey, if you want to show your disgust at someone’s shitty driving abilities, don’t flip em off, just stick your tongue out at them. That really annoys them.

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Hmm, maybe I am just oblivious to that I get insulted or hunted on the tarmac. Seriously, I think I need to get glasses.

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@lisaj89 But is it worth that kind of rage where you follow someone, arms flailing, red faced screaming for 2 miles because I ran a stop sign? There was no “almost wreck” of any kind.

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@uberbatman That is so funny, I had tears running down my face.

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Chyna, absolutely not. There is really no justification for road rage, even just cursing people, when you think about it. There’s nothing you can do after it happens. I think maybe people feel that they can get some type of revenge on you if they flip you the bird and ride two inches from your bumper. All you can do is shake your head and wonder if they received their driver’s license at Wal Mart.

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There really is no such thing as road rage, there is just a general increase in both anger and a decrease in empathy and respect for others or the law. Violence in all aspects of life is increasing. Driving is just one of many instances where it is expressed. Six years ago I overtook a tradesman in his pickup truck, and it seemed to annoy him. He screamed abuse and made some graphic signs – I just shook my head at him. That sent him over the top and he rammed me. I took off, gained some distance (I was in an M5) and thought that the matter was over. In a couple of minutes he caught up and tried to force me off the road. I accelerated, gained some distance again then stopped, grabbed a handgun and got out of the car and held it in plain view. He stopped and got out, waving an extension bar at me, threatening to kill me. I was seconds from shooting him through the knee when a patrol car arrived. He attacked the Police, pepper spray had no effect on him – it took a second car to contain him. Later I found that he had been involved in a series of violent attacks, on a service station proprietor, a waiter in a restaurant, and his in-laws and had been granted bail in each case. It wasn’t road rage – it was rage.

Interestingly the cop later said that if he had been me, he wouldn’t have waited, he’d have shot the guy as soon as he advanced. I was backing off while holding the gun on him. He also said that if I hadn’t been there, they’d probably have shot him rather than trying to contain him, so in a way I saved his life. Rage isn’t new, but the increasingly widespread societal lack of ability to control it is.

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@DarkScribe That is over the top rage.
That’s the thing, you never know what crazy person you are going to piss off just by passing him.

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