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Have you been in Prison?

Asked by FAGIN (181points) May 8th, 2009

What was it like?Were you rehabilitated?Think you will end up back in Prison?

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I’m caught in a glass cage of emotion. it’s like a prison.

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Not quite what i’m looking for.
Please do not answer if all you can do is make light of the question and fill the db with your personal ego trip.

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I’ve been to a prison, and I know people who have been in prison. There is no rehabilitation going on in American prisons. Those who
do not become repeat offenders have the fortune of having a support system when they are released.

And stop raggin’ on people. You are not a moderator. You are new and not making a very good impession.

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Just abiding by the rules maam.

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Worked there for over 20 years and NO! It is just a warehouse for humans untill they are released with most to do the same thing and return. Many need help that will keep them out and being good citizens. Others…..

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I have friends that do prison ministry. Except for those few prisoners who are actively able to get involved with either education or church activities, most prisoners get nothing out of being in jail except getting to know other people who have also conducted criminal activities.

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No I haven’t, my fiance has been in prison before and he doesn’t need rehabilitaion for anything because he didn’t do anything that is actually wrong, just what people call wrong, and my best friend is going to be sentenced soon.

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@justus2 I’m kinda dying to know what isn’t actually wrong that people consider wrong…

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What she^^^ said^^^^

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@Likeradar five bucks on drug charges, namely marijuana. :P

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@Likeradar He went pee behind a bar and got indecent exposure which is a registerable offense in Nevada! So obviously some people consider it wrong or else it wouldn’t make you spend time in prison, but in reality everyone has those times when they just have to go and going behind a bar there in an alley isn’t wrong.

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wow thats even stupider than drug charges lol

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stupid yes but any man really tell the world that you would piss your pants rather than piss behind a bar… id say just about all men at sometime in their lives have taken a leak outside if you have just say yep

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@justus2 your not a man unless you pee outside….

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Yes, a friend of mine couldn’t ride his own drug beef (as they say) and so he set me up to go in his stead. Read my blog on Justice and my Prison diary .

There is no rehabilitation in the California prison system. In fact, the whole place is designed to make you more dysfunctional so that you will keep coming back.

I won’t because I was never a criminal in the first place, but I now have a keen regard for how easy it is to get caught up on something very minor—things that most guys don’t even know are crimes, like carrying a fixed blade knife longer than 2” in your pocket (considered a concealed weapon, which can get you 18 months in prison).

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