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How can I remove a dui from my driving record for employment?

Asked by oliversudden69 (1points) May 8th, 2009

I’m licensed in California

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ha-ha very funny you must be Mike J. Fox?

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How long ago was the DUI?

I found this:

Convicted drunk drivers will have a subsequent criminal record. Contrary to popular belief, a drunk driving conviction may remain on your record forever unless your state allows it to taken off (expunged). Therefore, it will appear on your record for employers, credit bureaus, and government agencies to see.


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December 07, convicted in March 07

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The above being said I would be very leery of paying any service to expunge your record.

Perhaps another Jelly will float in with more advice in this area.

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Do you have to drive for your job?

Unless you’re driving, no one cares if it’s a DUI. Just write it out, so they see what it was for. My husband had them in the past, and he hasn’t not gotten a job because of it.

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Sorry Ollie, you are screwed for a while longer. Say 3 or more years.

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where i work (government) the application asks if you have ever been arrested, and if yes, explain, and they want to see documents to back up what you say. so if you have a situation like that, there is no time limit, nor any way to avoid admitting, unless you lie.

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Getting a DUI expunged is pretty difficult, if your state allows it at all. DUI laws get tougher and tougher each year. You will likely have to wait a good while to have it expunged AND be able to show that you have had a completely clean record ever since the infraction. It might be worth it to just speak with a lawyer in your area about what your options might be. Here is an article on DUI expungement that may help:

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