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How do you feel about flutherites using this site to glorify using drugs?

Asked by YARNLADY (45832points) May 10th, 2009

Many jellies use fluther to brag about illegal use of drugs. Is this consistent with your idea of the purpose of this site?

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I haven’t seen many people really bragging about drug use on here, just talking about it. And I think that’s ok. It’s a site for people to share ideas and info and socialize- talking about opinions on drugs goes along with that in my mind.

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If they have questions about it, why not, It’s not my problem(:

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I don’t think the purpose of this site has anything to do with drugs one way or the other. I don’t believe I have seen much bragging, never mind glorifying.

There are plenty of references, yes, and also plenty of references to beverages I don’t consume, sports I don’t watch or play, television shows I don’t see, foods I don’t eat, and problems I don’t have. This does not bother me. I don’t come here to look in the mirror.

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Those of us who have experimented with or have chosen to include drugs in our lives and done so maturely do not brag about these activities. We merely mention them, and get excited when we encounter someone who shares a common interest with us.

Those who do brag, well, to be honest that’s just how they define themselves and a way of expressing themselves. I don’t agree with any level of glorification, but I don’t believe I’ve seen that here. Not once.

And you can bet I’m involved with a bunch of those conversations.

EDIT: To answer your question, yes, I think it is in line with my ‘vision’ of the site. A place for intelligent and respectful discussion, community and answers.

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Remember when we found out that 1/3 of wis.dmers had tried LSD?

It’s true that I do see a lot of people talk about drug usage (not that frequently though) and I see a lot of people to have used drugs, but I’m not exactly sure what you mean when you speak of bragging about it. I would need to see a specific example. What is a specific example of this?

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@Dansedescygnes The last time I used a specific example of a question, the user got really mad at me, so I’m going to have to let you do the research yourself, or just use your imagination.

I appreciate the tone of most of these answers, and I am glad to see the way it is going so far.

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Perhaps, you could ask them via PM and link it is they agree.
Personally, it wouldn’t bother me. It isn’t as though it isn’t on the site already. And they said whatever it was they did. Who are they to be upset by their own words?

I know in the past when I’ve mentioned my experiences with drugs or bonded with others on the site I have sometimes been caught up in the moment and perhaps played it up, but I don’t remember seeing anyone going further than that. I’d really like to know myself.

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I would much rather see the glorification of drug use on fluther than the moralizations of the unctuous.

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People who use this site can make their own mind up about drugs. And the people who use them. AFAIK, it is not against Fluther’s TOS, and it’s best to keep talk of such things in the open. Suppression of ideas just drives them underground.

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I am aware that several members are recreactional drug users, and even that some members are underage drinkers. I have not seen anything that I’d consider ‘glorification’ and I’ve been part of numerous posts discussing the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. So I find that things are quite balanced on Fluther.

I am more disturbed by how movies and TV programs glorify alcohol use and abuse, as if having a drink is the only way to celebrate or cope with anger or grief, and that getting drunk is amusing. There is occassional representation of the dark side of addiction or accidents while under the influence. And there is nearly no representation of celebrations without a toast or people finding healthy ways to deal with negative emotions. And marijuana is not the only way to loosen up and reconnect with your inner child, either. The influence of Hollywood reached much further than that of Fluther (unfortunately).

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@hearkat You got that right, thanks.

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I feel perfectly fine about talking about my drug usage on this website. I have seen no examples of outright glorifying of such behaviour nor any bragging. If anything, I appreciate that members believe that Fluther is an open place to discuss any topic (which it is).

Regarding whether it’s appropriate for the site or not: of course it is. People have a question, they ask it. Even if the question is about something you don’t believe in or support, it’s still legit for that person to ask the question and for others to answer it.

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People who don’t take drugs see drug-talk as bragging, people who take drugs don’t see it as a problem. It goes both ways. The solution is somewhere in the middle.

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I think there is a diffrence between people sharing experiences they have had and the like, and people asking for specific directions on how to find or use drugs. The latter are the conversations that I find off-putting.

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I might not agree with the use of illegal drugs, but then, I am not the thought police, and if people on here are doing stuff I don’t agree with, so what? It’s none of my business. Life is about choices, people are free to choose as they wish. This site is about discussion and sharing ideas.

The thing I dislike on Fluther is the people who think they need to tell everyone why they are wrong for thinking the way they do, or to continually turn everything into a fucking debate. If I wanted to debate people, I’d have gone to college and taken Debating 101. Fluther is about sharing ideas, not arguing your extremist/ militant points and arrogant views. That’s how I see it, anyway.

Personally, I have a problem with the way some people misspell words or use poor grammar, but I just bite my tongue and keep my corrections to myself. No one really wants to have their errors pointed out, and if they ask, sure, I’ll help them. That said, there are a couple of people on here that are annoying as fuck with their always having to be right and always having to have the last goddamn word. I’m not naming any names though.

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@uberbatman My laptop won’t play videos, because an internal glitch causes it to lose internet access every few minutes.

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@YARNLADY I noticed a lot of “talking up” of drug use as well. You are not alone in noticing this.

I think @Ivan has a good point.

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not really. i think it’s just as justifiable as someone who uses fluther to voice their disapproval of drugs. (or any other subject for that matter).

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@YARNLADY , make sure your flash player is up to date. If you are using a wireless router for Internet connection, older Linksys WRT models have a problem with streaming video. There is a firmware update available for them on the Linksys website. If you are on Comcast, they might be throttling your bandwidth, the meanies.

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@IchtheosaurusRex Thanks for the tip. I am on Comcast, but the real problem is a glitch in the laptop itself. This particular model was discontinued because of it.

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@tiffyandthewall You’re correct in that Fluther is a great soapbox site. Promoting illegal activity on any site should not be encouraged, in my opinion.

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promoting it and discussing it are two different things @YARNLADY As usual you put yourself higher than the majority of the population and like @tinyfaery said YOU are the definition of unctuous, thinking you are morally better than everyone else. I bet you always walk to the crosswalk right?

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I feel that if people want to glorify their use of certain drugs then that is perfectly fine, just like you glorify yourself being such a perfect all law abiding angel

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I think that it would be nice if they’d stop.

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