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Are parents allowed to give identical twins the same name?

Asked by sferik (6099points) December 20th, 2007

Do you know of any examples of identical twins with the same name? Are there any interesting court decisions?

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Tis an interesting idea. They would have different social security numbers, so they would be two different people. It would be evil to society to do it (and not to mention the parents would have to keep track of who’s who in their minds….imho too much trouble)

The legal ramifications could manifest if one became a criminal, they’d have to refer to SS#s.

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What a cruel idea. Can you imagine not only having to share your birthday, house, face/body, and even half of your genetic code with another person let alone having to share the same name? What a way to ruin someone’s identity. :(
But still and interesting idea. Good question.

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There are no legal ramifications in giving two of your children (twins or not) the same name. Obviously names are not unique around the world (nor unique according to date of birth) hence the need for unique identification numbers (drivers license, social, etc).

Of course, as someone else mentioned – you also have the “Evil Twin” issue, and a case of mistaken identity. But I’d imagine the psychological impact would be the biggest concern.

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Do it….....For the Lulz

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My brother pulled a lot of frog eggs out of the pond by our house when he was around
nine, and kept them in a jar, where they grew into polliwogs and then tadpoles, then
began to look like real animals and were eventually released. He kept the jar on the porch where the adults had cocktails. One such adult asked him, one jolly evening, “Do you have names for them,
sonny?” to which he replied, “Yes, sir, their name is Mary.”

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Perchik: “They would have different social security numbers, so they would be two different people.”

I just want to echo what Perchik has suggested.

Social Security Number = ontological status as a person

Simple as that.

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There was a case of identical quadruplets (when one egg splits and then those 2 eggs split). Their names were John Paul I, John Paul II, John Paul III, and John Paul IV.

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It depends on where you live. Some countries have very strict rules on names. In the US, you can name all your children the same name, regardless of when they were born. George Foreman, two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Olympic gold medalist, and entrepreneur, named all five of his sons George. One family in my neighborhood all have the first name Bobby, the mom, dad, son and daughter.

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I know twins that have the same first name but their second names are different hence they were always called by their second name.

I’m a twin myself and it would be really annoying if I had the same name as my brother since people always confuse us. It would also feel like you weren’t unique which isn’t a good feeling in my opinion. It can get kind of annoying when people think of me and my brother as the same person because we are really different.

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i think that if i was a twin that it would really suck if i had the same name as my sister because it would be too confusing.

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I think that since we have all been reduced to an ID number, it really doesn’t matter what names you pick. But I agree, names picked to be funny is a cruel thing to do to a kid.

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My aunt both named my cousins Ian but the have diffrent middle names Ian Manuelly and Ian Michael.. one goes by ian the other one goes by michael.. ( they are not twins)

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